[Update] Jules LeBlanc Boyfriend: Is She Dating Will Liner? Tiktok Update

[Update] Jules LeBlanc Boyfriend: Is She Dating Will Liner? Tiktok Update

Jules LeBlanc is a young American YouTuber holding almost 10 M followers on her Instagram account, 4.08 M subscribers on her YouTube channel, and 18.9 M followers on TikTok.

Meanwhile, she is an actress, a singer, and a former gymnast who has been on YouTube since age 3, thanks to her parents.

Moving on, Jules LeBlanc captured the hearts of millions across the globe with her content on TikTok in 2018, making her win the Shorty Award for “Muser of the Year.” 

The fame of Jules LeBlanc had no limits, but this led to her privacy intrusion and revealing dating history with a recent rumor about Jules LeBlanc boyfriend in 2023.

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Jules LeBlanc Boyfriend: Is She Dating Will Liner? TikTok And Instagram Update

Most people who are not updated about Jules LeBlanc recent trip to Paris might be missing out that the YouTuber seems to have a boyfriend whom she mentions as “boyfriend of the year.”

It is speculated that Jules LeBlanc is dating Will Liner, also known as William Liner. She is trying to keep it private to avoid invasion of their personal life at all costs.

But it seems that Will greatly adores Jules since he has commented on most of her recent posts. Moreover, Jules LeBlanc has even replied to his comment.

The relationship rumor started after Jules mistakenly took her boyfriend’s name, Will, and requested her fans not to search for him and let her enjoy a private love life.

However, fans were so enthusiastic and happy to know the news that they could not restrain themself and started adding speculation and shots on TikTok about Jules LeBlanc boyfriend.

While scrolling through TikTok videos, it is visible that the fans were shipping Jules LeBlanc with her former co-artist of Chicken Girls, William Franklyn Miller.

But, her Instagram had another story, as she recently posted a back shot and intimate blur photo with her blonde boyfriend, who is nowhere similar to William Franklyn’s look.

Nevertheless, the post made it clear that Jules LeBlanc is dating and enjoying the happy days of her life with her current boyfriend, a freelance photographer and student.

Fans also do not seem to disturb the peace and tranquility of Jules LeBlanc, for which she is very happy, and so are her followers.

Jules LeBlanc Dating History Till 2023: Rumors And Official Boyfriend

Before dating her current boyfriend, Jules LeBlanc was with actor and singer Asher Angel from 2019 to 2020.

They were official about the relationship and flaunted their happy moments all over social media during the time. However, they split up after spending the Covid lockdown separately.

Meanwhile, before Asher Angel, Jules LeBlanc, also known as Annie LeBlanc, had rumors of dating another Chicken Girls co-actor, Hayden Summerall, from 2017 to 2018.

The rumors stirred up because of their reel dating scenes, but none confirmed that they were dating or had any intimate relationship.

Moving on to her recent days, people even said Jules LeBlanc a lesbian because of her intimacy with Jayden Bartels in 2021.

However, she cleared it up in a rapid-fire round in TikTok, stating she is not into girls, and laughed it out.

Since then, Jules has never had any dating rumors or talked about being in a relationship. But the recent uproar made everyone interested in knowing Jules LeBlanc boyfriend in 2023 and knowing him better.

But nothing is official until the couple opens up about the dating rumors themself. All that fans can do is wish for their idol’s happiness.

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