Update Mommy Dead and Dearest Ending Explained, Plot, Cast, and Where to Watch It?

Mommy Dead and Dearest Movie 

“Mommy Dead and Dearest” is a gripping 2017 American documentary film directed by Erin Lee Carr that delves into the tragic murder of Dee Dee Blanchard, carried out by her own daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, and Gypsy’s boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn. The documentary explores the disturbing story of their lives, focusing not only on the murder itself but also on the years of abuse Gypsy endured at the hands of her mother.

Dee Dee Blanchard was portrayed as a devoted caregiver to her ailing daughter, Gypsy, who was believed to suffer from various illnesses, including epilepsy, paralysis, and leukemia. However, shocking revelations come to light as the documentary uncovers the extent of the lies Dee Dee fabricated about Gypsy’s health, which included unnecessary medical procedures like a feeding tube.

The film also brings to light Dee Dee’s troubled past, marked by manipulation and criminal behavior, as told by her estranged family members who share shocking accounts of her actions. Throughout the documentary, it becomes evident that Gypsy was subjected to total control and psychological manipulation, leaving her feeling like a hostage in her own life.

Mommy Dead and Dearest Ending Explained

The documentary “Mommy Dead and Dearest” reaches a chilling conclusion, shedding light on the tragic fate of Dee Dee Blanchard and the truth behind her abusive relationship with her daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard. After years of suffering at the hands of her manipulative mother, Gypsy took drastic measures to escape her suffocating life.

In 2015, Gypsy and her boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, carried out the murder of Dee Dee, effectively ending the cycle of abuse and deception. While Gypsy was sentenced to 10 years in prison for her involvement in the crime, Nicholas received a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

The documentary exposes the complexities of Munchausen by proxy syndrome, a mental illness that drove Dee Dee to fabricate and induce illnesses in her daughter, perpetuating a web of lies that eventually led to the tragic outcome. Through interviews with experts, it becomes evident that Gypsy was a victim of her mother’s psychological manipulation, living a life dictated by deceit and control.


Where to Watch Mommy Dead and Dearest?

If you’re interested in watching the gripping documentary “Mommy Dead and Dearest,” you can currently stream it on HBO Max. This platform offers easy access to the film, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the thought-provoking true-crime story that explores the tragic relationship between Dee Dee Blanchard and her daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

In addition to being accessible through HBO Max, “Mommy Dead and Dearest” offers an alternative viewing option for those who prefer not to stream it. The compelling documentary is available for rent or purchase on well-known platforms such as iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play. This availability ensures that audiences have the flexibility to choose their preferred method of watching the emotionally charged film, providing a convenient and accessible way to delve into the gripping true-crime story of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

Mommy Dead and Dearest on Netflix

As of the latest updates, “Mommy Dead and Dearest” is not available for streaming on Netflix. However, viewers need not be discouraged, as the documentary can be accessed through HBO Max, offering an alternative platform to watch the gripping true-crime story. Additionally, for those who prefer other options, the film is available for rental or purchase on popular platforms such as iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play.

Ensuring a wide range of choices to experience this emotionally charged narrative. “Mommy Dead and Dearest” delves into the distressing complexities of Munchausen by proxy syndrome and sheds light on the haunting journey of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, making it a must-watch for those interested in exploring the darker facets of human psychology and the impact of manipulation and abuse within family dynamics.

Mommy Dead and Dearest Trailer


Mommy Dead and Dearest Plot

The plot of “Mommy Dead and Dearest” revolves around the harrowing true story of Dee Dee Blanchard and her daughter, Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Dee Dee, diagnosed with Munchausen by proxy syndrome, portrayed herself as a devoted caregiver, falsely claiming that Gypsy suffered from various serious illnesses. She fabricated and induced these illnesses to garner sympathy and attention from others, effectively turning Gypsy into a pawn in her elaborate deception.

As the documentary unfolds, it reveals the years of abuse Gypsy endured at the hands of her mother, trapped in a world of lies and manipulation. Dee Dee’s control over her daughter extended both psychologically and physically, with Gypsy feeling like a hostage, unable to escape her mother’s grasp.

The film delves into the extent of the unnecessary medical treatments and interventions Gypsy underwent due to her mother’s deceit, causing her to live a life burdened by fabricated ailments. It explores the complexity of their mother-daughter relationship, exposing the profound psychological impact Dee Dee’s manipulation had on Gypsy.

However, as the plot deepens, it takes a shocking turn, leading to Dee Dee’s murder orchestrated by Gypsy and her boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, in a desperate bid to break free from the cycle of abuse. The documentary not only presents the disturbing events leading up to the murder but also examines the legal repercussions that followed.

“Mommy Dead and Dearest” is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged exploration of the dark and troubling world of Munchausen by proxy syndrome, shedding light on the profound consequences of deceit, control, and abuse within the confines of a seemingly devoted mother-daughter relationship.

Mommy Dead and Dearest Cast



Gypsy Rose Blanchard


Claude Pitre (Dee Dee’s Father)


Laura Pitre (Dee Dee’s Stepmother)


Bobby Pitre (Dee Dee’s Nephew)


Dr. Marc Feldman (Munchausen Expert)

Himself, Clinical Psychologist

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