Update Mother Violet And Father Dr. Jones

Update Mother Violet And Father Dr. Jones

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Who are Mikala Jones’ parents? After the untimely death of the professional surfer, many people are curious to know his family and parents.

Mikala Jones was a professional surfer from Hawaii. He was known for sharing inspirational photos and videos of the inside of hilarious waves.

Endorsed by GoPro and Reef, he was one of the most photogenic and talented surfers of his generation.

Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. Mikala died this weekend after a surfing accident that severed her artery in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia.

The surfing community mourns the loss of a beloved and accomplished surfer, Mikala Jones, who passed away over the weekend.

While the world recognizes his extraordinary talent and contributions to the sport, many have been curious about the people who significantly shaped his remarkable journey.

Meet Mikala Jones’ parents in this short piece.

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Surfer Mikala Jones Parents: Mother Violet Jones Medusky And Father Dr. John Jones

The late professional surfer Mikala Jones was born to her parents, Violet Jones Medusky and Dr. John Jones, in Kailua.

Mikala Jones Parents
Dr. John Jones and Violet Jones are the father and mother of Mikala Jones. (Image source: AP News)

His birthplace is on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Surfer’s family history and heritage are deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture.

While Mikala Jones was widely known for her surfing prowess, it is essential to acknowledge the family that supported and nurtured her love of the sport.

It was his mother and father who discovered and encouraged his passion for surfing. Although the exact details are not available, their influence on his life cannot be underestimated.

Mikala had a close relationship with her father and late mother. Parents had to play a decisive role in promoting the love of surfing.

They probably gave him the guidance and support he needed to pursue his dreams, providing encouragement in the early stages of his career and beyond.

Undoubtedly, his unwavering belief in his abilities fueled his determination to achieve greatness in the sport.

Mikala Jones Father Dr. John Jones is a Dentist

According to CBS News, Mikala Jones’ father, Dr. John Jones, is a dentist.

Dr. Jones told the Associated Press that his son died Sunday after a surfing accident in Indonesia.

The heartbroken father said his son was injured when the fin of his surfboard severed his femoral artery while on a trip to the Mentawai Islands off Sumatra’s west coast.

Mikala Jones Parents
Mikala Jones’ father, Dr. John Jones, told The Associated Press about her accident and death. (Image source: CBS News)

The femoral artery is a large blood vessel in the thigh that carries blood to the lower limbs. Mikala Jones leaves behind a father, wife and children.

Mikala Jones Mother Violet Jones Medusky passed away in 2011

Mikala Jones’ mother, Violet Jones Medusky, died in 2011 after losing her battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). After her mother passed away, Mikala and her family worked hard to raise awareness for ALS.

Violet Jones Medusky was diagnosed with ALS in May 2004. It was a big blow for the former surfer and triathlete. Mikala and her family witnessed Violet’s battle against the malignant disease.

Mikala’s mother was a ray of hope in her ALS journey, active in the ALS community in Hawaii and raising money and awareness for ALS programs.

Sadly, he passed away in 2011 from ALS-related conditions, and in accordance with his wishes, the money from his estate was used to establish the ALS Ohana of Hawaii.

ALS Ohana of Hawaii aims to improve the quality of life for ALS patients and their families.

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