{Update} Oak Creek High School teacher Rachel Goodle pictures go viral on Instagram after she’s arrested

Rachel Goodle, a former educator at Oak Creek High School, is now in the eye of a storm, facing grave charges that have both shocked and concerned the community after her arrest

Goodle, only 22 years of age, was recently apprehended following accusations of maintaining an inappropriate relationship with an underage student.

Oak Creek High School teacher Rachel Goodle pictures go viral on Instagram after she’s arrested for relationship with minor student

In depth probe in Rachel Goodle case reveals unsettling relationship

The ex-teacher has been charged on two fronts – second-degree s*xual assault of a child under 16 and s*xual assault of a student by school staff. The roots of this unsettling affair were traced back to a complaint received by the Oak Creek Police Department.

This led to the school’s resource officer digging deep into the issue, eventually unearthing that Rachel Goodle had been suspended because of her questionable relationship with a student from the same institution.

Details emerge from comprehensive police investigation

After the cops got involved and looked into it, some disturbing facts came to light. The key to building the case was surveillance footage and in-depth interviews with the student in question as well as his friends.

The complaint said that there was proof that Rachel Goodle and the student had a very close relationship. They were seen “spending a lot of time together,” and at one point, they were sitting far away from the other students at a school sports game.

Worryingly, the student said that rumours about their relationship had been going around for a long time and that inappropriate behaviour had happened. Most alarming was that the kid said they had done something s*xual in a classroom.

This story was backed up by surveillance footage from December 2, 2022. It showed Goodle and the student going into her classroom and staying there for almost an hour, even though a cleaner came in and stopped them.

Victim’s attorney calls for respect and action

The victim’s representative has publicly addressed the matter, stating: “Criminal charges were filed recently against Rachel Goodle for 2nd Degree S*xual Assault of a Child and S*xual Assault of a Student by School Staff. Also the charges stem from interactions that occurred inside the Ninth-Grade Center of Oak Creek High School. The victim and their family humbly request privacy during this time.”

Highlighting a worrisome pattern, the statement brought to light that this was the second such incident at Oak Creek High School in just six years. This has prompted calls for a top-tier, thorough investigation.

Rachel Goodle’s court hearing is slated for August 11, 2023. If proven guilty, she could be looking at up to 40 years behind bars.

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