{Update} Odia actress Sheetal Patra video and photos go viral on Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Amidst the buzz surrounding a video, Odia actress Sheetal Patra has lodged a serious complaint against filmmaker Dayanidhi Dahima

As online conversations intensify, it becomes evident that Patra is not only battling fake news but also alleged harassment by Dahima.

Odia actress Sheetal Patra video and photos go viral on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit

The Odia film industry, locally known as Ollywood, witnessed a significant surge in online discussions when Sheetal Patra recently addressed the issue of fake news circulating about her on social media. Although specific details remain undisclosed, it’s clear that the fake news in question has gained substantial traction.

Kanak news coverage sheds more light

Local media powerhouse, Kanak News, a prominent 24×7 news and current affairs channel, has been at the forefront of the ongoing coverage. As they report, beyond the fake news saga, Sheetal Patra has filed a complaint with the Laxmisagar police in the capital city. Her allegations? Sexual and mental harassment by Dayanidhi Dahima, filmmaker and owner of Dayanidhi Entertainment.

The accusations by Sheetal Patra unveiled

In her complaint, Patra detailed that during their relationship in 2019, Dahima took photographs of her without her consent. These photos later became tools for blackmail. Dahima allegedly threatened to disclose these images to her mother and acquaintances if she did not follow his orders.

Adding fuel to the fire, Dahima demanded that Patra return all her professional earnings from projects they collaborated on. Failure to do so, she alleged, would result in him releasing the photos to the public. But the allegations don’t stop there. Patra recounted a disturbing incident where Dahima physically assaulted her at her college, tearing her uniform and causing public humiliation.

Sheetal Patra’s defamation on social media

Patra asserted that Dahima initiated a malicious campaign against her on social media. Using derogatory language and spreading false information, he sought not only to tarnish her image but also targeted her family members.

In the wake of these allegations, Laxmisagar police have commenced their investigations into the matter. As the probe deepens, both the Ollywood community and fans await clarity on this developing story.

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