{Update} Pokemon Horizons The Series episode 16 release date, time, where to watch online

Episode 16 of Pokemon Horizons The Series is all set to be out as the makers announced that they will be releasing next update soon with the release date out

Previously in the series we noticed Dot working tirelessly on her computer to re-establish the connection. It irritates her since she has tried restarting, shutting it off, retrying, and other methods, but nothing works.

Pokemon Horizons The Series episode 16 release date, time, preview, where to watch online

Outside of her room, Liko and others are attempting to calm themselves down, but the fact that she is not understanding the problem is killing her within. Friede is arguing that if the engine pieces work independently of the data array, they should take off and see what happens.

Dot shouts at him from inside, saying that they cannot do that while he is still finishing his sentence. She explains that because the helm was not working, all they could do was fly straight ahead, which is very dangerous with the gauges acting up.

Later in the episode, we see one of them explain that Roy hasn’t returned yet, which is why Dot doesn’t have to rush. He also explains that they understand, which is why she should try not to worry about it. On the other side, while speaking to Liko, he suggests that they go shopping to clear their heads.

Later in the episode, Yorunozuko makes a noise, and as Friede goes up with the help of his Charizard, he notices a bunch of Rarecoils in the distance.

This is when he discovers that the communication has been lost because to the Rarecoils, because when he orders Charizard to use the flamethrower on them, Dot regains her connection. He argues that magnetic storms were created as a result of the Rarecoil clustering.

Release Date

For those who are wondering to know more about the release date of Pokémon Horizons: The Series Episode 16, let us tell you, the next installment of the series is scheduled to be out on Friday, August 4, 2023.
The viewers of the series will be able to binge next update as per following time-zone:

JST: 10:00 AM
IST: 6:30 AM
CST: 3:00 AM
EST: 9:00 PM
AEST: 11:00 AM
EIT: 8:00 AM
SGT: 9:00 AM
PST: 6:00 PM
EET: 3:00 PM
PHT: 9:00 AM

If you’re not sure where to watch Pokémon Horizons: The Series Episode 16, let us remind you, the next update of the series will be available to stream online on the streaming platform Amazon Prime.

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