{Update} Punjabi folk singer Surinder Shinda death reason, date, biography, age, wife name, son, songs

Punjab and the world of music are in mourning as Surinder Shinda, one of the most revered voices in Punjabi music, took his last breath on July 26th, know his death date, reason and wife name

Surinder Shinda’s passing came after a 20-day hospitalisation in Ludhiana. Initially admitted to Model Town Hospital, the iconic singer’s condition necessitated a transfer to DMC Hospital, where, after being put on a ventilator, he departed from this world on Wednesday morning.

Punjabi folk singer Surinder Shinda death reason, date, biography, age, wife name, son, songs list

Reports have linked Shinda’s deteriorating health to a minor operation he underwent at Aurisan Hospital. Regrettably, post-surgery complications arose, leading to an infection which made breathing a challenge for the celebrated artist.

Surinder Shinda’s early life and career

Born Surinder Pal Dhammi on May 20, 1959, Shinda hailed from the picturesque village of Choti Ayali, situated in Ludhiana district, Punjab. Also over the years, he became synonymous with Kali (chhand) in Punjabi music. Tracks like “Jeona Morh” and “Badla Le Layeen Sohneya” have secured their place as timeless classics in Punjabi music history.

Real Name, Surinder Pal Dhammi, Surinder Hunjan. Nickname, Surinder Shinda

He was married to Joginder Kaur who was the cousin of Dev Tharikewala’s wife. Shinda is survived by his wife Joginder Kaur and son Maninder Shinda, who is a singer and Shinda had been active since 1959 and released over 165 music albums.

Highlights from a four-decade-long musical journey

With a music career spanning from 1979, Surinder Shinda was no stranger to the charts. His hits, such as “Truck Baliye,” “Balbiro Bhabhi,” “Kaher Singh Di Mout,” and “Ucha Burj Lahore Da (Kalian)” to name just a few, resonate deeply with Punjabi music enthusiasts even today. His foray into cinema with films like “Putt Jattan De” and “Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da” showcased another dimension of his vast talent.

Shinda received the Lifetime Achievement award at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards in 2013, which was an official acknowledgment of the significant contributions he has made to the field of music over the course of his career.


It is not only a loss for Punjab, but for the entire world of music as a whole that Surinder Shinda has decided to leave the scene. Fans of Punjabi music and musicians alike will always remember and honour his significant contribution to the field by listening to his soulful interpretations and timeless compositions, which will keep his memory alive for all time.

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