[Update] Tennis: what’s wrong with Carlos Alcaraz’s teeth? Surgery before and after

[Update] Tennis: what’s wrong with Carlos Alcaraz’s teeth? Surgery before and after

Carlos Alcaraz’s teeth are a subject often discussed by the tennis player. The Spanish player is considered one of the promising young talents in tennis.

Born in El Palmar, Murcia, Spain, Carlos Alcaraz (born Carlos Alcaraz Garfia) is a professional tennis player.

Alcaraz turned professional in 2018, just days after his 15th birthday, making him one of the youngest players to do so in the sport’s history.

Carlos’ breakthrough came in February 2021 when he won his first ATP Challenger title in Alicante, Spain aged 17.

In April 2021, Alcaraz became the youngest player since Rafael Nadal to win a match in the Monte Carlo Masters main draw, beating Adrian Mannarino.

Now let’s talk about the teeth of the emerging talent, because it has become the topic of discussion time and time again.

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Tennis: what’s wrong with Carlos Alcaraz’s teeth?

Now when you put it like that, there’s nothing fake with Carlos Alcaraz’s teeth, but the tennis player has received tons of comments on how he should maintain them.

In addition to the teeth, Carlos Alcaraz has also been commented a lot for his facial acne. His supportive fans expressed their desire if he would get a check for it.

For example, in April 2022, a social media user made a remark stating that acne during adolescence is a common occurrence.

However, if the person in question was Carlos Alcaraz or someone close to him, he would suggest treating the problem of discolored teeth first.

Similarly, another commenter added that although acne can be temporary, if it is cystic acne, it can leave lasting scars on the face.

They noted that fixing the teeth would be an easier problem to solve. This netizen also asked why the parents had let the situation come to this.

Another commentator voiced his opinion in 2021 saying that Carlos looks unattractive due to his facial features.

According to him, if Alcaraz addresses acne and teeth issues, the tennis player could be the next Robert Redford.

Another individual said that until he improves his hairstyle, teeth, and lightens his skin, he would not be considered among the top 100 in terms of appearance in the ATP.

Carlos Alcaraz teeth: Surgery before and after

Carlos Alcaraz, the tennis player, has not confirmed anything regarding dental surgery.

Nevertheless, netizens commented that he could have done cosmetic dentistry because his teeth don’t look as bad as they used to.

Further news regarding his operation came in January 2023, when the professional tennis player announced that he would not be competing at the Australian Open.

He had previously missed the ATP Finals and the season-ending Davis Cup Finals due to a torn abdominal muscle.

In January, Alcaraz had to step back due to his right leg muscle injury he suffered during training.

However, the most profound incident occurred recently as Carlos Alcaraz took on Novak Djokovic at Roland Garros in a highly anticipated match.

Alcaraz, considered the favorite to win, battled the Grand Slam champion 22 times but ultimately succumbed to pressure and stress.

Carlos suffered a physical setback in the third set after jumping for a serve. He felt pain in his lower right leg, giving him cramps that spread all over his body.

Despite this, Carlos refused to quit and showed his tenacity by chasing every punch, but as his performance was greatly affected, it cost him dearly.

In the end, Djokovic emerged victorious 6-3, 5-7, 6-1, 6-1, and now has the chance to claim his 23rd Grand Slam title.

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