Update The Shy Little Robot Quest Guide

Update The Shy Little Robot Quest Guide

This guide will let you know how to complete the Shy Little Robot Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Go through the guide and follow all the instructions to complete it. 

The first thing you will need to do is find a way to repair them. 

When you dig up all the debris in the holes, you’ll find items, you need to give to the Wall-e. And when you pick up the crowbar, you can open the storage near Wall-e.

You’ll find the track In the storage, you have to give it to Wall-e and that’s how you repair it. After that, you will need to remove all the trash piles around Wall-e.

Then use the crafting station and craft some cubes.

Give them to Wall-e and grow some of these trees. You need to plant them and make sure to water them. So just wait a second and all these trees will grow.

Now you gotta talk to Merlin and then talk to Scrooge.

He will ask for the garnet, so you need to go out and mine that garnet. After that, give them to scrooge.

He will give you a fire extinguisher in return. Next, you have to talk to Mickey and Goofy.

Mickey will be in his house, talk to him and then go talk to Goofy people. After that, you’ll need to find the ball in Mickey’s House.

It will be in the corner of his house behind the couch near the window. Then you need to get a boot from one of the meadows.

You’ll find it in this River. Fish one of the red circles which is usually an important fish, so make sure you go after one of the red circles.

Now you got the boot and got everything else for Wall-e, go and talk to him. You need to bring him home by giving him all the items.

Now that is all for the quest other than building the house. You’ll need more money to build a house and that’s all the quest requires. Once you build the house, the quest will be completed.