{Update} Tower of God chapter 582 release date, time, manga spoilers, where to read online

Chapter 582 of Tower of God is all set to be out as the makers revealed they will be dropping next update within a few hours with the release date out

In the previous chapter of the manhwa series we learn about Zahard’s past, and Trauma explains why she was imprisoned. Zahard imprisoned her after she went insane, and the story of Garam Zahard on the Floor of Death is told.

Tower of God chapter 582 release date, time, manga spoilers and where to read online

Enne discovers a memory that Zahard and the other family leaders did not want exposed, a difficult decision taken by Zahard. Trauma references Zahard being punished for his decision, but the nature of the punishment is not specified.

It Is shown that the family leaders, including Zahard, set a standard in which everyone else in the Tower was seen as insects or inferior beings. Except for Zahard and the other family heads who guarded the 134th floor, they largely kept to themselves.

Gustang, one of the family leaders, expresses his displeasure with how the family leaders ignored each other’s weaknesses and wishes to bring this to light and correct it. He becomes enraged and shoots Trauma in the eye. He recalls forgotten experiences and explains why they stopped climbing the Tower, and he wishes to change things.

Gustang displays a mystery object delivered by Bomb, which Zahard also desired from Bomb during the events on the Floor of Death. This artefact could be vital in their plans to confront Zahard and the other family leaders.

Release Date

For those who are curious to know more about the release date of Chapter 582 of Tower of God, let us make it clear, the next installment of the series is scheduled to be out on Sunday, 30th July 2023.

The readers of the manhwa series will be able to go through next update as per below mentioned time-zone:

EST: 8:00 AM

NT: 8:00 AM

IST: 5:30 PM

AEST: 10:00 PM

PHT: 8:00 PM

JST: 9:00 PM

BST: 1:00 PM

If you’re a fan of the series and have been following it for a while yet aren’t sure where to read next chapter of Tower of God, let us remind you, Chapter 582 of the series will be available to read online on Naver Webtoon and LINE Webtoon.

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