Update Toy Tinker Simulator – Controls Guide

Toy Tinker Simulator is a game for those who love to tinker. Your goal is simple, repair as many toys as possible and earn more money and experience. Be careful though, you have to take before/after photos to see the progress, otherwise, you will not know how much work has been done.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Toy Tinker Simulator.

Action Keys Description
Next Music D Press D to Move to Next Music
Previous Music A Press A to Move to Previous Music
Music List F Press F to Open Music List
Stop Music E Press E to Stop Music
Music Volume Up W Press W to Increase Volume
Music Volume Down S Press S to Decrease Volume
Music Repeat On/Off C Press C to Repeat On/Off
Music Shuffle On/Off X Press X to Shuffle On/Off
To Laptop 1 Press 1 to To Open Laptop
To Table 2 Press 2 to To UseTable