{Update} Who is Anju who married Pakistani Nasrullah, biography, age, full name, religion, love story, Instagram, photo, video

During the love jihad taking the country by storm and multiple girls becoming victims, an Indian girl crosses the border to meet her lover in Pakistan, know about Anju and Nasrullah, her religion and biography

The story of Anju and Nasrullah shocked the nation and raised the question of security within the nation.

Who is Anju who married Pakistani Nasrullah, biography, age, full name, religion, husband, love story, Instagram, photo, video

Similar to the case of Seema Haider, who crossed the border to visit India from Pakistan, Anju crossed the Indian border to meet a Pakistani Facebook lover. While Seema is seen as a threat to the nation with her links to the Pakistani military and multiple passports, Anju’s love story is cherished in Pakistan. 

Pakistan is celebrating as a win of conversion and Pakistan over India.

Who is Anju?

Anju, a married Indian woman who lives in Uttar Pradesh, became Facebook friends with Nasrullah, a Pakistani guy. They made the decision to meet together in person after their internet friendship grew. 

Anju lied to her family and took a sightseeing trip to Pakistan instead to meet her lover in the hope that her lover was different from other love jihad victims.

Nasrullah travelled with Anju across Pakistan. They ultimately made the decision to be married and formally end their relationship. Anju changed her name to “Fatima” and accepted Islam as her new religion. They were married in a Nikkah ceremony in front of family, law enforcement, and attorneys. The pair declared their intention to marry in court and legally registered their union.

Anju Prasad who was a Hindu earlier has now converted.

The Mother Of Two Opens Up About Her Betrayal To Her Husband And Children In A Viral Video

Anju took the initiative to post a video on social media stating she married there. She pleaded with her family and relatives in India to keep things as they were and told them that her trip to Pakistan had been carefully planned and carried out via the Wagah-Attari border.

Anju fabricated her trip, stating that she was travelling alone to Jaipur. But instead, her cross-border connection was eventually revealed. 

She had a 15-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son from her previous marriage in Rajasthan. 

Anju’s husband, Arvind, told UP police that he had no clue that she was in contact with a Pakistani guy on social media. He was shocked to hear about her extramarital affair and her forged trip to Jaipur and Pakistan. The couple was married since 2007.

He said that she asked for a passport in 2020 to apply for a job overseas. She met Nasirullah in 2019.

Anju was given a 30-day visa by the Pakistani Ministry of Interior for her journey to Upper Dir. She is scheduled to return to India on August 20, 2023, as planned. 

Her story is learning to all families about how can technology easily shatter your families and lives if not monitored correctly. 

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