{Update} Who is Arvind first husband of Anju who married Pakistani Nasrullah, biography, age, full name, photo

An Indian woman, Anju, sparked controversy in her family and community when she chose to marry Nasrullah, a man from Pakistan whom she connected with on Facebook, know about her husband and full name

Despite the apparent fairy-tale romance, this love story has garnered sharp reactions, particularly from her family.

Who is Arvind first husband of Anju who married Pakistani Nasrullah, biography, age, full name, photo, video

A controversial union between Anju Prasad and Nasrullah across borders

Anju’s journey to find love took her to a distant village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, where she formalized her union with Nasrullah. Their commitment was marked by a traditional nikkah ceremony at the district courts in Upper Dir.

Post this union, Anju, having converted to Islam, adopted the name Fatima. This drastic step was not only due to love but also for the sanctity and requirements of her new-found faith. Safety was a concern given the delicate nature of the union. Therefore, she was escorted under police protection to her in-laws’ residence after the nikkah.

Father disowns daughter

Gaya Prasad Thomas, Anju’s father, has expressed his distress and disapproval. In a heart-wrenching statement, he mentioned, “She is dead to us.” He further questioned the integrity of a woman who abandons not just her husband but also her children. In fact, Thomas disclosed that he hasn’t spoken to Anju for over a year and has no interest in any updates regarding her.

His grief further translated into a poignant comment, revealing that even if Anju were to return to India after her visa expires, or even if she faced mortality, it would be inconsequential to him.

The Husband’s Perspective

Nasrullah, Anju’s new husband, stated that she plans to return to India when her visa expires on August 20. Currently, she resides in a separate room in his home, accompanied by other female family members.

He also emphasized that although Anju might be perceived as “eccentric,” she is not engaged in any illicit affairs. He believes it was an oversight on Anju’s part to travel to Pakistan without intimating her family.

A past life left behind

Back in India, Arvind Prasad, Anju’s first husband, remains hopeful. Residing in Rajasthan, he is anxious about his wife’s abrupt departure and eagerly awaits her return. The couple, who shared their life in India, are parents to a 15-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son. Distraught, Arvind recounted that Anju left their home under the guise of traveling to Jaipur, only for him to later discover her voyage to Pakistan. His wife has now converted to Islam and changed her name to Fatima.

However, in a contrasting perspective, Thomas, quoted by PTI, asserts, “My son-in-law is a very simple person… She will never get into all this. I can guarantee this.”

As the tale of Anju and Nasrullah unfolds, it mirrors the challenges faced by international relationships, especially between two countries with a history as complex as India and Pakistan. Whether it’s a tale of true love or an escapade remains a topic of debate.

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