{Update} Who is Chetan Singh RPF jawan who opened fire on the Jaipur-Mumbai train in viral video, biography, age, family, wife, Reddit

Chetan Singh (33), a jawan with the Railway Protection Force (RPF) killed four people on board a Jaipur-Mumbai express train with his video viral on Reddit, know his age, biography and wife

Previously, he was the subject of complaints of “indiscipline and insubordination.” In March of this year, he was transferred to Mumbai.

Who is Chetan Singh RPF cop who opened fire on the Jaipur-Mumbai train in viral video, biography, age, family, wife, Reddit, Twitter

On the Jaipur-Mumbai Superfast Express, an RPF constable who was travelling with an escort party started shooting, killing four people, including his superior. According to reports, Chetan Kumar has a temper and recently accused someone of “mental harassment.”

Who Is Chetan Singh?

According to a top RPF official, Chetan Singh was granted the position on the basis of sympathy after his father’s death. Bacchu Singh, his father, was an RPF assistant sub-inspector (ASI) stationed in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh. Singh was granted the position in 2009.

He is from the Uttar Pradesh village of Meetai and returned to work on July 18 after a 12-day vacation. His mother is at an old-age home, and he lives in Mathura with his wife, Renu Singh, a housewife, and two children, ages six and eight.

Chetan Singh’s Brother And Uncle, Lokesh Kumar, and Mukesh’s Statement 

Singh’s younger brother Lokesh Kumar, who is a truck driver, said, “On March 23, 2007, while on duty in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, our father passed away from a heart attack. In 2009, my brother was hired on the basis of compassion. In 2011, we relocated to Mathura. The family of Chetan lives in a rental while I own a home.”

He said that he was unaware of his anger problems but was aware that he had been on medication for more than a year. They all used to live together in Bhavnagar and Ujjain, but after Chetan’s posting in Mumbai, he shifted his family to Mathura a year ago.

According to his uncle Mukesh, who is an ex-army officer, Chetan was born in Raltam but used to visit their ancestral village often. 

Listen to what RPF constable Chetan Singh is saying after open firing on Jaipur-Mumbai train and killing his senior Tikaram Meena and 3 passengers (Abdul Kadir, Asgar Kai and an identified man).
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Chetan excelled in football and other sports, which aided in his employment after completing his 12th-grade education. He said, “Even if it were on a humanitarian level, you ought to have some abilities… In 2013, he even took part in the Republic Day procession.”

When he was transferred, he once disclosed to my older brother that he was having some issues with his seniors.

Chetan Singh Was Accused Of Having a Short Temper by RPF Co-Workers

Singh was described as having a short temper by several railway officials, and his coworkers had filed formal complaints against him. A senior RPF employee claimed that according to Western Railway RPF records, Singh received accusations of “insubordination” while he was sent to Ujjain more than five years ago. Singh’s attitude and lack of discipline had been criticised by his coworkers, he continued.

However, according to the official, he hasn’t recently been the subject of any complaints or inquiries.

Singh was transferred from Ujjain railway station under Ratlam division to Bhavnagar, where he was assigned before his March 2023 appointment to Mumbai. He requested a move from Bhavnagar and had two options: Ahmedabad or Mumbai. As a result, he was sent to Mumbai’s Lower Parel workshop.

Chetan Singh Shoots Four People

According to railway officials, Singh had complained to Meena of restlessness barely an hour prior to the incident. ASI Meena then called the control centre as a result. Vapi was scheduled to take his place, but Singh informed Meena that he was feeling better and might continue a short while later.

However, Singh shot 12 rounds from his ARM rifle, which was loaded with 20 bullets, after the Jaipur-Mumbai Superfast Express train reached Vapi on Monday morning. He killed four people, including Meena and three passengers.

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