{Update} Who is crypto influencer Fernando Perez Algaba found dead, net worth, age, bio, Instagram

Following a series of bizarre social media posts, a businessman was found dismembered inside a suitcase. Know the net worth of Fernando Perez Algaba 

The Instagram account of Fernando Perez Algaba, often known by the moniker “Lettuce,” boasted nearly a million followers as he displayed his flashy, opulent lifestyle. Know more about his horrific death in the article below.

Who is crypto influencer Fernando Perez Algaba found dead, net worth, age, bio, Instagram, cause of death

A businessman who lived luxury lifestyle found dismembered in suitcase after posting eerie message

On July 23, two kids who were playing football at a park in Ingeniero Budge, Argentina, found Algaba, who was accused of fraud. Days prior to this revelation, the 41-year-old tweeted on his social media page about certain ‘evil’ people. While his net worth isn’t known, Fernando was a millionaire.

A Body In A Suitcase

His body was found in a suitcase, all covered in bullet wounds. However, it is still unclear why he was killed. As per an autopsy report, Algaba was shot three times. Investigations have not yet turned up any suspects.

The police searched his flat but couldn’t discover his wallet or phone.

His legs and forearms were originally discovered by crime scene investigators, who then used waste removal equipment to reveal one entire arm. His identity was verified by a tattoo on his hand and by fingerprint analysis, which added more assurance.

Who is Fernando Perez Algaba?

Algaba lived in Miami, Florida, until earlier this year, when he left for Spain and later came back to Argentina. He returned after a seven-day trip to Barcelona but never gave the keys to his leased apartment back.

Fernando Perez Algaba Was A Businessman

He registered numerous businesses throughout the years, despite the fact that it is known that one of them was suspected of fraud, another lacked a tax identification number, and a third was in debt. The deceased businessman was involved in numerous legal disputes and was the target of lawsuits as creditors hounded him for years.

When he began working at the age of 14, he made his first venture into the business world by delivering pizzas and selling sandwiches throughout his community. He later entered the auto sector and started purchasing cars to fix and resell. Soon, he had a sizable warehouse full of high-end cars, motorcycles, and jet skis by the time he was 24.

He started a car and jetski rental business when he was in Miami and made that his base until he moved to Barcelona.

Fernando Perez Algaba’s Note About The Evil In The World

Days before he passed away, he was quoted as stating on social media: “It’s incredible how there are such evil people in the world that while you’re thinking of helping them, they’re thinking of destroying you.”

He also wrote to his mother, saying, “Hello, Mom, I needed to clear my thoughts, as usual. I’ve come to realise two things, namely that troubles will follow us and that we cannot run away from them.

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