Update Who is Karine Jean-Pierre Daughter, Soleil Malveaux?

Who is Karine Jean-Pierre Daughter, Soleil Malveaux?

Soleil Malveaux Jean-Pierre is the beloved daughter of Karine Jean-Pierre, a trailblazer as the first Black gay woman to hold the position of deputy press secretary. Karine Jean-Pierre is not only an American political strategist and author but also a well-known commentator, with her insightful work showcased on platforms like MSNBC and NBC. In June 2021, she gained significant prominence as the White House principal in the Biden administration’s communication team.

Despite the fame of her parents, Soleil Malveaux Jean-Pierre leads a private early life. She was adopted by Karine Jean-Pierre and her partner, Suzanne Malveaux, as they expanded their family. Both Karine and Suzanne have deliberately chosen to keep their daughter’s life out of the public eye, maintaining privacy by refraining from sharing family affairs on their social media platforms.

Soleil’s upbringing is undoubtedly shaped by her mother’s diverse background and remarkable achievements, with Karine Jean-Pierre breaking barriers as the first Black openly gay woman in her position.

Karine Jean-Pierre Age

As of the current date, Karine Jean-Pierre is 48 years old. She was born on August 13, 1974, in the United States. Karine Jean-Pierre is an accomplished American political advisor who has made significant strides in her career. On May 13, 2022, she assumed the prestigious role of White House press secretary, marking a historic moment as the first black person and the first openly LGBT individual to hold this position.

Before her appointment as press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre served as the deputy press secretary to her predecessor, Jen Psaki, from 2021 to 2022. Her role in the White House communication team was vital in shaping the administration’s messaging and addressing public inquiries.

In addition to her work in the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre played a key role in the 2020 presidential campaign as the chief of staff for U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Her expertise and dedication during the campaign contributed to the success of the ticket.

Throughout her career, Karine Jean-Pierre has been recognized for her valuable contributions to American politics and public service. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to many, breaking barriers and paving the way for greater representation in positions of power and influence.

As she continues to serve in her role as White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre’s impact on the nation’s political landscape remains significant, and she continues to be a role model for aspiring political advisors and leaders.


Karine Jean-Pierre Personal Life

Karine Jean-Pierre, a prominent political figure, was residing in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area along with her partner, Suzanne Malveaux, a former CNN correspondent, and their daughter. This personal aspect of her life reflects her commitment to her family while actively pursuing her career in politics.

In 2019, Jean-Pierre authored a book titled “Moving Forward: A Story of Hope, Hard Work, and the Promise of America.” The book serves as both a memoir and a passionate call to action for people to engage in politics. Within its pages, Jean-Pierre shares insights from her own life journey, emphasizing the importance of hope, hard work, and the limitless potential that the promise of America holds for everyone.

The book’s impact resonated with readers, as it was described by WJLA-TV as “part memoir, part call to arms.” Through her writing, Jean-Pierre seeks to inspire others to actively participate in shaping the future of their country, emphasizing the significance of political engagement and the power of collective efforts to effect positive change.

Karine Jean-Pierre’s personal life and literary work reflect her dedication to making a difference, not only through her professional endeavors but also by encouraging others to embrace their roles as active citizens and advocates for a better tomorrow. Her story serves as an inspirational reminder that hope and hard work are essential drivers of progress and that each individual has a unique part to play in the ongoing story of America’s promise.

Karine Jean-Pierre Early Life 

Karine Jean-Pierre’s career journey is a testament to her determination, resilience, and passion for public service. Born in Fort-de-France, Martinique, France, she hails from a Haitian family and has two younger siblings. At the age of five, her family moved to Queens Village in Queens, New York City, where she spent her formative years.

Growing up in a household where both her parents worked long hours (her mother as a home health aide and active in her Pentecostal church, and her father as a taxi driver), Jean-Pierre often took on the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings. This early experience instilled in her a sense of responsibility and perseverance, shaping her character for the challenges that lay ahead.


The turning point in her career path came in 1992 when she witnessed former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan deliver a keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention. Jordan’s powerful presence and substance as a black woman in politics left a profound impact on Jean-Pierre. This pivotal moment sparked her interest in politics and set her on a path to follow her aspirations in the public sphere.

Jean-Pierre graduated from Kellenberg Memorial High School, a college-preparatory school on Long Island, in 1993. Initially, her parents hoped she would pursue a career in medicine, leading her to study life sciences at the New York Institute of Technology. However, after facing challenges with the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), she decided to change course.

In 1997, she earned her bachelor’s degree from the New York Institute of Technology, setting the foundation for her future endeavors. Her pursuit of higher education continued as she earned a Master of Public Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in 2003. During her time at Columbia, she was actively involved in student government and found her passion for politics, which would later become a defining element of her career.

Among her mentors at Columbia University was Ester Fuchs, whose class Jean-Pierre attended during the Fall 2001 semester. These academic experiences and mentorship played a crucial role in shaping her understanding of public affairs and solidified her commitment to making a positive impact in politics.

One of Jean-Pierre’s remarkable traits is her linguistic proficiency. She is fluent in English, French, and Haitian Creole, a skill that has undoubtedly been an asset in her diverse career. Karine Jean-Pierre’s career trajectory exemplifies the transformative power of personal experiences and the influence of strong role models.

Her journey from a young girl caring for her siblings to a prominent figure in politics showcases her dedication to public service and her determination to be a positive force in the world. With her multi-faceted background, unwavering commitment, and passion for change, Jean-Pierre continues to inspire others to become actively engaged in the political landscape.

Karine Jean-Pierre Wiki

Karine Jean-Pierre is an esteemed American political advisor who has made significant contributions to the field of politics and public affairs. Born on August 13, 1974, she currently serves as the White House press secretary, a position she assumed on May 13, 2022. In a groundbreaking achievement, she became the first black person and the first openly LGBT individual to hold this esteemed role.

Prior to her role as White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre served as the deputy press secretary under her predecessor, Jen Psaki, during the period from 2021 to 2022. Her expertise in handling press communications and her dedication to the administration’s messaging was pivotal in managing public relations and addressing various national issues.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Karine Jean-Pierre played a crucial role as the chief of staff for U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Her organizational skills and strategic acumen contributed to the campaign’s success and eventual election victory. Before her involvement with Kamala Harris and the Biden–Harris administration, Jean-Pierre held the position of senior advisor and national spokeswoman for the progressive advocacy group MoveOn.org.

Her work with the organization focused on advocating for progressive policies and promoting social change. Additionally, Karine Jean-Pierre has an extensive background in media and education. She was a prominent political analyst for major news networks, including NBC News and MSNBC, where she provided insightful commentary and analysis on various political developments.

Furthermore, Jean-Pierre’s expertise extends to academia, as she served as a lecturer in international and public affairs at Columbia University. Her involvement in education further demonstrates her commitment to fostering understanding and engagement in matters of public policy and global affairs.


Karine Jean-Pierre


13 August 1974


48 years

Place of Birth

Fort-de-France, Martinique


Suzanne Malveaux


Democratic Party


White House Press Secretary


Since 2022




School of International and Public Affairs (2003)

New York Institute of Technology, Columbia University


Moving Forward: A Story of Hope, Hard Work, and the Promise of America

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