{Update} Who is Phangnon Konyak Nagaland MP, biography, age, family, parents, education, background

Phangnon Konyak is an Indian politician and the first woman MP from Nagaland to preside over Rajya Sabha, find out more about her brief bio, age, education, career, and family

Last year in March, Phangnon became the first woman from Nagaland to be elected as an MP in Rajya Sabha.

Who is Phangnon Konyak Nagaland MP, biography, age, family, parents, education, background and marital status

Phangnon also became the second woman from Nagaland to get elected to the State Assembly or either House of the Parliament.

Phangnon Konyak brief bio and age

S. Phangnon Konyak is an Indian politician from Nagaland who was born on 5 February 1978, in Mon Village, Nagaland. She was born to parents C. Shingwang Konyak (father) and N. Alila Shingwang (mother) and she is currently 45 years old. She also serves as the State President of BJP Mahila Morcha, Nagaland and is unmarried.

S/o|D/o|W/o: C. Shingwang Konyak
Age: 44
Name Enrolled as Voter in: 46 Mon Town (Nagaland) constituency, at Serial no 718 in Part no 13
Self Profession: Full time party worker
Spouse Profession: NA

Phangnon Konyak education

Phangnon obtained her education from Holy Cross Higher Secondary School, Dimapur and later attended Union Christian College, Meghalaya. She later obtained a master’s degree in 2002 from Daulat Ram College (University of Delhi) majoring in English Literature. She has since taken an active role in student activism and social organizations.

Phangnon Konyak career

Aside from her political career, Konyak is also a member of various Committees. She is currently a member of the Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture and the Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region. Aside from that, Phangnon is also a member of the Committee on Empowerment of Women. Phangnon also holds the distinction of being a House Committee and Member of the Governing Council of the North-Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Shillong.

Phangnon Konyak becomes first woman MP from Nagaland to preside over Rajya Sabha

Earlier this month on July 17, Phangnon Konyak became a member of the panel of vice-chairpersons in the Rajya Sabha. Phangnon is a BJP MP from Nagaland, and the first woman from the state to be appointed in the role.

The official statement read:

Marking a significant moment in history, the first woman member from Nagaland in the Rajya Sabha, S Phangnon Konyak, presided over the House today.”

Ms Konyak also tweeted at her achievement stating:

Immensely privileged, humbled and overwhelmed to preside over the Rajya Sabha today. Happy that it was a productive one with The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Fifth Amendment) Bill, 2022, having been passed by the House.”

In her tweet, Phangnon also shared about how women are now given due respect and space in politics and leadership under the leadership of Indian PM Narendra Modi. She also thanked Chairman, Rajya Sabha, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar Ji for giving her the opportunity.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweeted this in response:

A very proud moment.”

Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar nominated Konyak alongside three other women members to bring about gender equality. The other new members of the panel of vice-chairpersons include P T Usha, Fauzia Khan (NCP) and Sulata Deo (BJD). Interestingly, all these women are all first-term parliamentarians.

Prior to the new nominations, the panel reconstituted before the Monsoon Session consisted of four male members. As such, with the new appointments, this is the first time in the Rajya Sabha’s history that there is equal representation for women members in the panel of vice-chairpersons.

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