{Update} Who is rapper 350Heem brother of Dwayne Bacon, cause of death bio, age, real name, family

On Friday, July 28, 2023, the music world was thrown into mourning with the tragic news of the passing of the rapper 350Heem, know his cause of death and age

Raheem Bacon, widely recognized by his stage name 350Heem, was the younger brother of Dwayne Bacon, a prominent figure in American professional basketball.

Who is rapper 350Heem brother of Dwayne Bacon, cause of death bio, age, real name, family, songs

At the young age of 23, 350Heem’s life came to a shocking halt. The incident reportedly took place after a celebration party for his new album, Taking Chances 3, hosted by his elder brother.

According to sources from Lkld Now, 350Heem met with this tragic fate in the aftermath of the party as he was shot dead. As of now, the Lakeland Police are yet to disclose any details about the identity or the motives of the killer. Following the incident, he was rushed to the Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center, where he was sadly pronounced dead.

A grieving family’s words

The passing of the young rapper left his family in shambles. Kennie Crawford, the mother of the deceased, expressed her pain, saying, “I am in disbelief. My heart is broken. I can’t even gather my words right at this moment.”

Details of the fateful night for rapper 350Heem

The album release party, marked by its all-white theme, reportedly had many special guests, including Nique. Snapshots and videos from the event were initially uploaded to Facebook, only to be removed swiftly after the tragedy.

Jian Zhang, the owner of the lounge where the event took place, mentioned that the gathering was supposed to wrap up by 2 AM. However, an attempt by a group to enter past the closing time escalated into a fight, which tragically culminated in 350Heem’s death.

Outpour of grief on social media for death of 350Heem

The sudden loss of 350Heem, especially in the aftermath of his success party, left fans and followers devastated. Social media platforms have since become a haven for heartfelt tributes, commemorations, and expressions of sorrow from all corners.

350Heem’s recent work, including his song “No Flaggin” on YouTube and two other tracks, showcased the potential of this young talent from Polk County, Florida. Since the debut of his album “Taking Chances” in 2017, he had made a significant mark in the hip-hop scene with his distinctive rapping style and captivating lyrics.

Unfinished journey of rapper 350Heem

Even though 350Heem was one of the youngest rappers in the business, his ability was not missed. He was up for a number of prestigious prizes. Details about his memorial and funeral services are still being kept secret, but this sad news is still sending shockwaves through the music business and his fans all over the world.

As more and more tributes keep coming in, it’s a sad reminder that a bright life and a potential career were cut short by tragedy.

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