{Update} Who is Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi Hyderabad woman seen begging in Chicago, biography, age, education, family

Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi is a native of Hyderabad and an engineer by profession seen in Chicago

Find out more about her.

The inspiring journey of Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi, an ambitious engineer from Hyderabad, recently took a distressing turn that has captured the nation’s attention.

Who is Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi Hyderabad woman seen begging in Chicago in viral video, biography, age, education, family

Having nurtured dreams of higher education in the United States, Syeda ventured to TRINE University in Detroit to pursue her master’s degree in August 2021. For a while, her life in the city seemed promising and fruitful. Yet Syeda’s health has suffered as a result of recent occurrences.

A few days ago, a haunting image of Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi sitting alone on the streets of Chicago emerged online, presenting a stark contrast to the vibrant spirit she once exuded. Reports suggested she was in desperate need of sustenance.

Her family was in for a huge shock when they learned this information because they thought she was prospering in the US. Concerns regarding Syeda’s mental health were raised in the last two months due to her estrangement from her family and lack of contact.

Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi had severe depression at the height of this trying time. All of her possessions, including significant certifications and paperwork, were taken, adding to her suffering and aggravating her emotional pain.

Syeda’s detachment from her family and lack of communication over the past two months raised concerns about her mental health. She plunged into the depths of melancholy at this difficult time.

Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi was already in a terrible situation, but her anguish was made even worse when all of her belongings—including crucial certifications and documents—were taken. Fortunately, Syeda was discovered by a group of young men from Hyderabad who were outside a Chicago Mosque.

They felt moved to share her suffering as a result of her distress and weak condition. Her family is now requesting support from Indian officials to make sure she returns home safely. Zaidi’s tale was made known to the public thanks to the gallant efforts of Amjed Ullah Khan, a representative for the Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT).

Since then, she has become the talk of the town, with many people trying to learn more about her. So, here’s what we know about her:

Who is Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi?

Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi is an Indian engineer. She has been in the news because a haunting picture of her sitting alone on the streets of Chicago emerged online.

She was born on 4 February 1986 in Hyderabad, Telangana. Her father’s name is Syed Nisar Hyder Zaidi, and her mother’s name is Syeda Wahaj Fatima.

After completing her initial education in India, Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi went on to pursue a Masters in Information Science at TRINE University in Detroit.

She is currently 37 years old.

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