Update Why did Savannah Guthrie Broke Up? Who is Savannah Guthrie Husband Michael Feldman?

Who is Savannah Guthrie?

Savannah Guthrie is a remarkable Australian-born American broadcast journalist and attorney, exudes a passion for her craft that captivates audiences worldwide. With a radiant presence that lights up the screen, she has held the prestigious position of main co-anchor for NBC News’ beloved morning show, Today, since July 2012. Her journey at NBC News began in September 2007 when she joined as a legal analyst and correspondent.

Fearless and tenacious, she fearlessly reported on trials across the nation, showcasing her keen legal insights and unwavering dedication to delivering accurate and compelling news. As her star continued to rise, she earned her stripes as a White House correspondent from 2008 to 2011, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of political journalism. Her charisma and intelligence were on full display during her tenure as co-anchor of the MSNBC program, The Daily Rundown, in 2010 and 2011.

In an exciting turn of events, Savannah Guthrie was announced as the co-host of Today’s third hour, where her chemistry with fellow hosts Natalie Morales and Al Roker created an electrifying morning dynamic. In this role, she seamlessly transitioned between news anchor and main co-host, all while showcasing her prowess as the network’s chief legal analyst. Her passion for the law and her ability to break down complex legal matters for the audience set her apart as a true authority in her field.

But destiny had even grander plans for her. In 2012, she took on the momentous responsibility of replacing the beloved Ann Curry as co-anchor of Today, a pivotal role that brought her to the forefront of morning television. With grace and grit, she embraced this new challenge, winning over hearts with her infectious enthusiasm and genuine connection with viewers.

Savannah Guthrie’s journey is not merely one of professional accomplishments; it is a testament to her passion for storytelling, her relentless pursuit of truth, and her unwavering commitment to bringing meaningful news to the world. A trailblazer and an inspiration, she continues to shine brightly, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the world of broadcast journalism.

Why did Savannah Guthrie Broke Up?

The reason behind Savannah Guthrie’s temporary breakup with her husband, Michael Feldman, just before they got engaged has not been disclosed publicly.  Savannah Guthrie and Michael Feldman have had a unique and eventful relationship. They experienced a significant moment of difficulty just before getting engaged. Savannah revealed that they actually broke up on the same day they got engaged during an episode of Today in October 2018. The pair had been on vacation in Turks and Caicos at the time, and Savannah made the surprise confession while talking to her co-star Al Roker.

Despite the temporary split, they ultimately worked through their issues and decided to move forward together. They got engaged in 2013 and got married a year later in 2014. On their wedding day, they received the joyful news that they were expecting their first child, a daughter named Vale, who is now eight years old. Their journey to parenthood continued as they welcomed their son Charles, born via IVF, and he is now six years old.

Throughout their relationship, Savannah has been open about their experiences, including the challenges and joys they faced while having children later in life. As a family, they seem to cherish spending time together, and Savannah is described as a doting wife and mom who loves nothing more than enjoying moments with her husband and young children. She has shared her gratitude for being able to take her time and fully enjoy their kids, free from the same pressures that may have been present in her younger years while trying to build her career.

Their relationship appears to have weathered through ups and downs, and they have emerged as a strong and loving family. While the specific reasons for their temporary breakup have not been disclosed publicly, it is evident that they are happily married and deeply grateful for each other and the family they have created.



Who is Savannah Guthrie Husband Michael Feldman?

Savannah Guthrie’s husband is Michael Feldman. He is a former Democratic political aide with an extensive background in politics. The couple met in October 2008 when Guthrie attended his 40th birthday party with a mutual friend after her separation from her first husband, Mark Orchard. Guthrie and Orchard divorced in 2009, and she began dating Feldman later that year. Michael Feldman transitioned from politics to business consulting and is currently a founding partner and the North American co-chairman of FGS Global, an international communications, consulting, and advocacy firm.

He co-founded a public relations firm called the Glover Park Group in 2001, which later merged with other consulting firms to create FGS. In his role, Feldman directs communications strategy for various corporations, nonprofits, advocacy organizations, and individuals. He is known for his handy skills and is described by Guthrie as someone who can fix almost anything around the house. He impressed her with his abilities when they first started dating, and their children even have a catchphrase, “Daddy can fix it,” to highlight his handiness.

Feldman is a sports fan, particularly supporting the Philadelphia Eagles. He posted pictures of their children wearing Eagles gear, and the family attended Eagles games together. In terms of religion, Guthrie is Christian, while Feldman is Jewish. They are raising their children as interfaith kids, celebrating holidays from both faiths and instilling in them the knowledge of their diverse backgrounds, allowing them to find their own paths as they grow older. Their commitment to their children’s upbringing reflects their respect and appreciation for both their Christian and Jewish heritage.


Savannah Guthrie Early Life

Savannah Clark Guthrie’s fascinating journey began in Melbourne, Australia, where she was born while her father was stationed there for work. However, her family soon returned to the United States and settled in Tucson, Arizona, when she was just two years old. Growing up in Tucson, she attended Amphitheater High School and later went on to pursue her dreams in journalism. After completing her high school education, Guthrie enrolled at the University of Arizona, where she earned her B.A. in journalism with honors in 1993.

During her time there, she was a proud member of the Arizona Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi, a sisterhood that left a lasting impact on her life.Driven by a passion for justice and the law, Guthrie embarked on another academic journey, attending Georgetown University Law Center. In 2002, she proudly graduated magna cum laude, earning her Juris Doctor degree. Her commitment to excellence and dedication paid off when she achieved the highest score on the Arizona Bar exam that year, a testament to her brilliance and hard work.

Throughout her career, Savannah Guthrie’s accomplishments have been nothing short of remarkable. Her dedication to her craft and love for journalism led her to join NBC News in September 2007 as a legal analyst and correspondent, where she quickly gained recognition for her insightful reporting on various trials across the nation. With a dream in her heart, she made her way back to Australia in 2015 while working for Today, finally visiting the place of her birth in Melbourne. It was a lifelong dream come true for Guthrie, who cherished the opportunity to connect with her roots and explore her birthplace alongside her mother.

From her early years in Arizona to her outstanding achievements in journalism and law, Savannah Guthrie’s journey is a testament to her unwavering determination and the pursuit of her dreams. Her warmth, intelligence, and dedication have endeared her to millions, making her a beloved figure in the world of broadcast journalism. As she continues to shine brightly as a co-anchor of NBC News’ Today, her legacy of excellence and passion for truth will undoubtedly inspire generations to come.

Savannah Guthrie Net Worth

Savannah Guthrie’s primary source of income comes from her career in broadcast journalism. As the main co-anchor of NBC News’ morning show, Today, she is a prominent figure in the field of television news and receives a substantial salary for her role on the show. In addition to her role as a co-anchor, Guthrie has also served as a legal analyst and correspondent for NBC News, reporting on various trials across the country. Her expertise in legal matters adds to her value as a journalist and likely contributes to her income as well.

Furthermore, Guthrie is an accomplished attorney, having earned her Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center. While she transitioned to a career in broadcast journalism, her legal background and insights may have opened up additional opportunities for her, such as participating in legal discussions and analysis on various news programs. Savannah Guthrie’s income is primarily derived from her work as a co-anchor and journalist for NBC News, along with potential additional opportunities related to her legal expertise and public presence.

Savannah Guthrie Net Worth


Savannah Guthrie 

Net Worth

$45 Million 


  broadcast journalist and attorney

Source of income

Through her Career




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