[Update] Why Fan Thinks Themba Gorimbo Gay? Family And Net Worth

[Update] Why Fan Thinks Themba Gorimbo Gay? Family And Net Worth

Is Themba Gorimbo Gay? Fans are speculating that the UFC player Themba is gay. This article will tell you about his family relations and net worth.

Themba Gorimbo, real name Themba T. Lawrence Gorimbo is a Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) hailing from Zimbabwe.

He fights in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and trains at MMA Masters.

Moreover, Themba had enormous hardship throughout his life, which drove him to engage in a struggle for survival.

He won the welterweight title at the Extreme Fighting competition in South Africa.

Additionally, Gorimbo has been successful because of the great amount of work and dedication he puts out every day.

Dwayne Johnson, well known by his stage as “The Rock,” provided him with invaluable assistance during his problems.

Although Themba started working in the mixed martial arts industry in 2010, he made his UFC debut in February of 2023.

Why does Fan think Themba Gorimbo Gay?

Fans are thinking of Themba Gorimbo Gay because he is often seen with boys and has not shared his relationship status.

Following his struggle journey, Dwayne Johnson was very touched by his story and surprised him with a beautiful house.

As a result, they became good friends and were mostly seen together. Also, there are a lot of pictures of them together.

Due to this, fans speculated that Themba Gorimbo is gay and hanging out with a man. However, he is not gay but, straight.

Themba is believed to be married. However, he has not publicly shared anything about his married life.

Themba Gorimbo Family

Themba Gorimbo was born on January 23, 1991, in Bikita, Masvingo, Zimbabwe, and is 32 years old at the recent time.

Despite missing information about his parents, it is known that his mother died while he was nine, and four years later, his father also passed away.

He became an orphan along with his siblings after the death of his parents. Also, he had to take responsibility for himself and his siblings.

According to Zimbabwe Profiles, he illegally mined the fields for Marange diamonds for his remaining family’s survival.

After being caught by the police one night, German shepherds brutally attacked him, leaving him with wounds all over his body.

Further, he decided to begin a new life after barely escaping the situation.

Although it is mentioned that he has siblings, the actual count is missing. So it remains unknown how many siblings he has.

Due to his financial conditions, many fans have gathered money for his help. They even helped him to take a fight ticket because he was penniless.

Despite his merciful financial situation, he never stopped his hard work. Further, his dedication to improving his life made him more focused on his training.

The fighter proved it by winning game performances and working more for his upcoming matches.

Themba Gorimbo Net Worth

Themba Gorimbo has accomplished a lot in both his life and MMA career. He overcame tragedy, violence, and poverty to become one of the best fighters in the world.

His life story and achievements have motivated many people in Zimbabwe and Africa.

Dwayne recently surprised him by buying him a new home in Miami after finding out that he had only $7 in his account before his last flight.

Themba’s MMA career has also contributed significantly to his wealth. He earns money via fight prizes, bonuses, sponsorships, endorsements, and other sources.

Furthermore, his estimated net worth is something like $500,000.