Update Why Sarnia Police Service Going Viral on Twitter? Know Details Here Now!

[Link View]: Why Sarnia Police Service Going Viral on Twitter? Know Details Here Now!

This article discusses the recent controversial Twitter post concerning Sarnia Police Shoplifting and why it was deleted shortly after posting.

Are you aware of the recent online viral shoplifting incident? Do you know the whole scenario details regarding the matter? This particular shoplifting incident has caused a lot of chaos among the public on Internet sources. The citizens are divided over the internet, and a debate over who is right or wrong in the debacle has broken out. This incident is mainly discussed in Canada and other countries. 

Let us move forward to learn the necessary information regarding the Sarnia Police Shoplifting post and the aftereffects of the viral post. Stay connected for further guidance. 

Disclaimer: We write this post only for informative purposes of readers based on internet research. We do not support any viral links through this post. 

What is the Shoplifting post by Sarnia Police? 

On Friday afternoon, the Sarnia Police Tweeted about the shoplifting incidents executed by a woman. The post attached a picture of grocery items, dairy products, personal items, and other convenience store items which the woman shoplifted. Following the post, social media was filled with hate comments against Sarnia Police on social media. 

The Sarnia Police Twitter shared the post account as the woman is held for bail for shoplifting from the same retail store for the third time. 

What was Police Chief Davis’s statement on the matter? 

Chief Davis posted a statement on Twitter, officially stating that social media is a very useful way to keep the public informed about emerging crimes. Moving forward, they will review their social media policies and make changes accordingly to make the posts useful and informative for the community. 

What are the public opinions on the viral post? 

The public, who criticized Sarnia Police, met the post with much disapproval. Many people called the Sarnia Police Service to act a disgraceful action. At the same time, others demanded that the concerned person be fired immediately. Therefore, most users have highly criticized the insensitive post made by the Police department. 

Social media URLs:

Sarnia police delete tweet about woman’s shoplifting arrest following backlash
by u/stanxv in ontario


It is a fact that shoplifting is a crime, but that is not of the violence category. Some people really need items, but they are short of resources. Such cases are to be handled wisely with basic understanding. 

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Sarnia Police Shoplifting: FAQs

Q1. What is the viral Shoplifting post by Sarnia Police?

This incident involved a shoplifting crime executed by a woman who was arrested by the Police, and the Police posted the incident details on Twitter. 

Q2. Why is the post deleted afterward? 

After receiving public criticism over the post on social media it was taken down by the department. 

Q3. Do the Police release the woman? 

Yes, the woman was released with a condition to not visit the same retail store again to prevent future offenses.

Q4. When did the Sarnia Police Shoplifting incident take place? 

The incident happened on 28th July 2023, Friday afternoon. 

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[Link View]: Why Sarnia Police Service Going Viral on Twitter? Know Details Here Now!