Watch: Alexandra De Taddeo Leaked Video Involving Benjamin Griveaux

Alexandra De Taddeo is a 32-year-old art history student who has been in the news due to her involvement in a scandal involving former La République En Marche! (LREM) politician Benjamin Griveaux.

In 2018, De Taddeo had a relationship with Griveaux, who was running to be mayor of Paris in 2020.

De Taddeo’s partner, Russian artist Pyotr Pavlensky, posted intimate footage of Griveaux to a website called Pornopolitique during the mayoral campaign.

Investigating judges concluded that De Taddeo was directly involved in the publication of the videos.

De Taddeo has been facing charges for being the designer and supplier of unsuitable videos of Griveaux.

De Taddeo is the daughter of Francis de Taddeo, a businessman who manages a football club. Her partner is Pavlensky, who is also facing charges in the scandal.

De Taddeo has written an autobiographical novel in which she claims that her words have been manipulated and ridiculed for 40 months.

Alexandra De Taddeo video

The release of De Taddeo video created a wave of public scrutiny and raised important questions about privacy and the misuse of personal information.

He abandoned his campaign due to the publication of intimate videos sent to his former partner, De Taddeo. 

The videos, which were sexual, had been edited with screenshots of messages exchanged between Griveaux and De Taddeo.

They were subsequently published on a website called Pornopolitique with Pavlenski, a Russian artist known for his provocative performances, claiming responsibility for the act.

The scandal sent shockwaves through the political landscape, and Griveaux’s decision to withdraw from the race was met with widespread criticism. 

The incident was condemned as a violation of privacy and a threat to democracy.

Griveaux’s lawyer, Me Richard Malka, described the actions of Pavlenski and de Taddeo as importing Stasi methods to destroy a candidate’s campaign and family.

Following Griveaux’s withdrawal, he filed a complaint, and an investigation was launched into the scandal.