Watch: Gautami Patil Leaked Video Going Viral on Twitter

Gautami Patil is a Lavani dancer from Maharashtra, India born in 1996 in Shindkheda, Dhule, Maharashtra.

She grew up with her maternal uncle and moved to Pune when she was in 6th standard and started her career as a background dancer at the age of 18.

Gautami has gained popularity through her energetic dance performances and has performed in numerous songs and live programs.

She is known for her expertise in Lavani, a traditional form of dance in Maharashtra, and has a significant following on Instagram, with over 8,49,000 followers.

Gautami is often invited as a chief guest for various programs and events.

Despite facing criticism from traditionalists, Gautami has managed to captivate an audience with her performances.

She is also involved in philanthropic activities and has organized charity events and donated funds.

Gautami Patil leaked video

In the recent past, Gautami has been gaining attention from the public, who are putting forward their views on the leaked video of the dancer.

As per sources, the leaked MMS video features the Lavani dancer changing her costumes at an event.

According to Genius Celebs, contents of the scandal are accessible via social media, however, Gautami’s viral video is nowhere to be found.

It got reported that a third party secretly taped dancer Gautami’s video and posted it online.

Also, the MMS leaked video was clicked from the mobile, and the accuser circulated the clip from two different accounts on social media.

Before the MMS case, a significant disruption surfaced last week at Gautami’s dancing show in Mumbai.