What Happened Between Adin Ross and Sky Bri? Are They Together?

Sky Bri is an American social media influencer and model who gained fame after her OnlyFans videos went viral.

She has a sizable following on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her models in bikinis, and is also known on other social media platforms such as TikTok.

Sky previously worked at Target Retail Company but she quit her job in 2020 to devote her time to her podcast, No Jumper.

Additionally, the model has appeared in a few episodes with her best friend girlfriend Rara Knupps who is also the star of OnlyFans.

According to GH Gossip, Sky was dating American media personality and professional boxer Jake Paul who was previously in a relationship with Julia Rose.

What happened between Adin Ross and Sky Bri?

According to multiple sources, it appears that there is no concrete information about a romantic relationship between Sky and Adin Ross.

According to a Reddit post, the model was accused of cheating on Adin Ross with someone named Rhino.

However, it is important to note that this information is from a Reddit post and may not be reliable.

An article from Fire News Video states that Sky and Adin are not dating and are just friends who have fun on his streams; Adin himself has clarified that he is single.

Another article from Tuko.co.ke confirms that Sky and Adin are not in a romantic relationship. Their connection stems from the fact that Sky appears in Adin’s streams, similar to other models.

Additionally, there is a YouTube video titled “Sky Bri EXPOSES Adin Ross’s SIZE on Stream,” but it is unclear if this video is related to their relationship or if it is just clickbait.

In conclusion, the available information suggests that Sky and Adin are not in a romantic relationship and are simply friends who interact on streams.

It is important to note that information from social media and online sources may not always be accurate or reliable.

Sky Bri and Jake Paul

In an interview, Sky spoke on her first encounter with Paul noting that the American boxer allegedly only hooked up with her to get back at his ex-girlfriend, Julia Rose.

Paul’s fling with the Instagram model took place in March 2022 when the boxer had allegedly broken up with Rose.

According to sources, Paul and Bri even got matching tattoos even during that fling that ended after he got back with Rose in April.

Sky recalled her first interaction with Paul during their trip to Puerto Rico;

“The very first night, the first conversation we had, ‘This is for clout.’ He was like, ‘At the end of this, I want you to post it’.

Paul’s serious relationship was is with Julia Rose as he once revealed to his friend that he is unable to forget her.

He has dated several women including Kelly Stewart, Saxon Sharbino, Amanda Cerny, Taela Dunn and Allisa Violet who claimed Paul assaulted her many times.