What Happened to Adrienne Vaughan? American Publishing Chief Killed in Boating Accident

Adrienne Vaughan was a publishing executive who served as the president of Bloomsbury Publishing USA.

She was 45 years old at the time of her death.

Vaughan died in a boating accident off the Amalfi Coast in Italy on August 3, 2023 after falling into the water when a rented speedboat hit a rock and she was struck by the boat’s propeller.

She was a well-respected figure in the publishing industry, having worked for Bloomsbury for over a decade.

During her tenure as president of Bloomsbury USA, she oversaw the publication of a wide range of books, including works by bestselling novelists such as Sarah J. Maas and Khaled Hosseini.

Vaughan’s death was widely mourned by her colleagues and the wider publishing community.

What happened to Adrienne Vaughan?

Vaughan, the president of Bloomsbury Publishing USA, died in a boating accident on August 3, 2023, off the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

She was 45 years old.

According to reports, she was on a rented speedboat when she collided with another boat and was thrown into the sea.

Vaughan suffered multiple wounds and was caught in the vortex of the propeller.

Despite the intervention of emergency services and a helicopter trying to transport her to a hospital, she died from her injuries.

Vaughan was a prominent figure in the publishing industry, having worked for Bloomsbury for over 20 years and serving as president of the company since 2019.

She was known for her contributions to the publishing industry and was highly respected by her colleagues.

Her death was a shock to the publishing community and she will be deeply missed.


Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Bloomsbury Publishing USA is a general interest publisher of adult and children’s books, as well as academic publishing from the world’s most recognized experts.

The company is located in midtown Manhattan and was established in 1998.

Bloomsbury is known for its high-quality fiction and non-fiction for adults and children, as well as its extensive academic publishing.

The company is also the worldwide publisher of 1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas, as well as the original publisher of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series in the UK.

Bloomsbury Publishing was founded by Nigel Newton in 1984 while on leave from Sidgwick & Jackson.

The company was officially announced to the publishing industry in 1986 and quickly gained recognition for its innovative design and distinctive look of each book.

The company’s profit target in its 5-year business plan was £747,000, which is why Newton chose the ISBN prefix 747.

Bloomsbury has published a number of award-winning authors, including winners of the Booker Prize.

Bloomsbury Publishing USA has published a wide range of books, including memoirs, works of fiction and academic texts.

Some of the company’s recent publications include a memoir, a work of gorgeous prose, a stunning portrait of hope in the face of evil, barbarity, and racism, and a satisfying blend of traditional horror with modern themes and concerns.