Where to Find Diamonds in Subnautica? A Complete Guide

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Diamonds in Subnautica

Diamond is a valuable mineral utilized to level up various aquatic tools, equipment, and vehicles. In the immersive underwater worlds of Subnautica and its sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero, Diamonds assume a significance far beyond being a mere girl’s best friend.

These mesmerizing jewels play a pivotal role as essential resources in the intricate art of crafting advanced materials and machines. Whether it’s for basic survival or to advance through the captivating narratives of the games, Diamonds are a coveted and indispensable element.

Presented as TheGamer’s Video of the Day, players are enlightened on the significance of Diamonds and their role in these captivating games. Much akin to their real-world counterparts, these precious gems are a rarity in the depths of the alien planet 4546b’s waters. Scarcity pervades their existence, limiting their availability to only specific locations and the deepest, most challenging biomes within the games.

To aid players in their quest for these valuable and gleaming stones, a concise yet informative guide has been prepared. This guide delves into the precise locations where these elusive Diamonds can be found.

As players venture forth into the mysterious depths, armed with this knowledge, they stand a better chance of acquiring these coveted resources, driving their survival and progression within the enthralling worlds of Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero.

Where to Find Diamonds in Subnautica?

You could find Diamonds in Subnautica in the Sea Treader’s Path. To acquire a substantial quantity of Diamonds, we highly recommend embarking on a journey to the Sea Treader’s Path. Once there, focus on breaking the Shale outcrops that are exposed by the majestic Sea Treader Leviathans as they roam the area. These outcrops harbor precious Diamonds that can be collected.

Another fruitful destination for Diamond hunting is Mountain Island, renowned for its abundance of valuable resources. Explore its intricate network of Caves, where Diamonds are known to be concealed. Delve deep into the heart of these caves to uncover the hidden Shale outcrops and claim their precious bounty.

For those seeking an alternative locale, the Mushroom Forest offers a promising opportunity. Within this vibrant and enchanting biome, you can stumble upon Shale outcrops that hold the coveted Diamonds. Explore the surroundings thoroughly, and your efforts are likely to be rewarded with a significant haul of these precious gemstones.


Where to Get Diamonds in Subnautica?

The Jellyshroom Cave is yet another viable location to get the Diamonds. Venture into the depths of this subterranean wonderland, and you’ll come across Shale outcrops teeming with these sought-after gemstones.

By following these diverse paths and diligently searching for Shale outcrops in these distinct locations, you increase your chances of obtaining a considerable quantity of Diamonds, elevating your prospects in the world of resource gathering and crafting. Remember to be well-prepared for your expeditions, as these locales may present their own set of challenges and dangers, making each venture a thrilling and rewarding experience.

How to Get Diamonds in Subnautica?

Diamonds can be obtained from the Crater’s waters using two distinct methods. The first approach involves the scouting of individual diamond chunks, which are freely floating amidst the seabed. This method requires keen observation and skill to identify and gather these precious gemstones from their scattered locations.

The second method entails searching for Shale outcrops. These are small pockets of resources that have the potential to yield one of three valuable materials: Lithium, Gold, or Diamonds. While exploring these outcrops, there is a chance of stumbling upon the highly sought-after diamonds, adding an element of excitement to the process.

Both methods have proven to be effective means of acquiring diamonds from the Crater’s waters. Whether one chooses to hunt for diamonds individually or explore the Shale outcrops, there is a significant quantity of these dazzling jewels waiting to be discovered.

The abundance of diamonds both within the outcrops and independently scattered in the seabed ensures that diamond hunters have ample opportunities to find these precious gemstones and add them to their collections.


Subnautica, a captivating action-adventure game, is the brainchild of Unknown Worlds Entertainment, both developed and published by the same company. In this immersive gaming experience, players take on the role of a non-essential systems maintenance chief, affectionately referred to as the “janitor” within the close-knit Subnautica community.

The protagonist finds themselves as the sole survivor of a disastrous spaceship crash that leaves them stranded on an enigmatic and foreign alien planet. The crux of the game centers around the player’s freedom to explore the vast expanse of this oceanic planet.

However, the journey is riddled with challenges and dangers. Their primary objectives include locating essential resources vital for survival, navigating and surviving amidst the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit the mysterious world, and ultimately seeking a means of escape back to civilization.

Subnautica boasts a unique blend of gameplay elements, incorporating aspects of both survival games and traditional non-survival games. This combination brings forth a compelling and engaging experience that captivates players with its immersive storytelling and enthralling gameplay.

The game was initially released in December 2014 for Windows in early access mode, allowing players to participate in its development process. Subsequently, the early access version was made available for macOS in June 2015 and for Xbox One in May 2016.

However, after rigorous refinement and improvement, the game officially exited early access in January 2018, becoming a fully-fledged release for macOS and Windows. This was followed by versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which were released in December 2018 and published by Gearbox Publishing.

The game’s popularity and success continued to soar, with over five million copies sold by January 2020, a testament to its widespread appeal and engaging gameplay. To cater to an even broader audience, Subnautica reached new platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, which welcomed eager players in May 2021.

As a testament to its impact and success, a sequel titled “Subnautica: Below Zero” hit the gaming scene on May 14, 2021, providing both existing and new fans with a fresh adventure in the enigmatic depths of this intriguing universe. With its continuation, the Subnautica saga keeps enticing players into its mesmerizing and immersive underwater realm.

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