Who are Charl Schwartzel Parents? Meet George Schwartzel and Lizette Schwartzel

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Who are Charl Schwartzel’s Parents?

So who are Charl Schwartzel’s Parents? According to our research, Charl Schwartzel ‘s Parents are George Schwartzel and Lizette Schwartzel. Charl Schwartzel is an South African professional golfer born on 31 August 1984.

Real Name

Charl Adriaan Schwartzel

Nick Name

Charl Schwartzel  

Date of birth

31 August 1984


38 Years Old


5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)


72 kg (159 lbs)

Birth place

Johannesburg, South Africa




South African professional golfer


South African

Eye Colour


Hair Colour


Zodiac Sign



George Schwartzel And Lizette Schwartzel

Kids/Children Name

Olivia Schwartzel


Rosalind Jacobs (m. 2010)

Who is Charl Schwartzel?       

Charl Schwartzel, born on August 31, 1984, is a prominent South African professional golfer who has left an indelible mark on the world of golf with his exceptional skills and achievements. Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Schwartzel’s journey to golfing greatness began at an early age when he picked up a club for the first time, displaying remarkable promise and dedication to the sport.

Over the years, Schwartzel’s career has been defined by remarkable triumphs and accolades. He turned professional in 2002 and steadily climbed the ranks of the golfing world, showcasing his prowess on both domestic and international circuits.

One of his most significant breakthroughs came in 2011 when he captured the prestigious Masters Tournament, held at Augusta National Golf Club. With an impressive display of skill, precision, and nerve, Schwartzel donned the coveted Green Jacket, etching his name into golfing history.

Apart from his Masters victory, Charl Schwartzel has amassed multiple titles on various tours worldwide, making him one of the most accomplished South African golfers of his generation. His consistent performances and competitive spirit have earned him respect and admiration from fans, fellow players, and experts in the golfing fraternity.

Schwartzel’s playing style is characterized by a smooth and elegant swing, complemented by a keen strategic mind on the course. He possesses a strong short game and has demonstrated a remarkable ability to handle pressure during critical moments in tournaments.

Beyond his sporting achievements, Charl Schwartzel is known for his sportsmanship, humility, and commitment to charity work. He actively participates in philanthropic endeavors, giving back to the community and using his platform to make a positive impact.

Charl Schwartzel’s journey from a young golf enthusiast to a Masters champion is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication to the sport. As a South African professional golfer, he has earned a place among the golfing greats, inspiring future generations and leaving an enduring legacy in the world of golf.        




Charl Schwartzel Biography

Charl Adriaan Schwartzel, the enigmatic South African golfer, will undoubtedly leave you intrigued! Born on an auspicious day, August 31, 1984, in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, Schwartzel’s journey into the world of golf reads like a riddle waiting to be solved.

In the vast landscape of professional golf, Schwartzel has left his mark on prestigious courses around the globe. From the PGA Tour to the European Tour and the Sunshine Tour, he has weaved a web of skills and experiences that have captivated fans and critics alike.

But here’s where the story takes an enthralling turn – in 2011, at the revered Augusta National Golf Club, Schwartzel unlocked the door to golfing immortality. The Masters, a major title, became his treasure trove of triumph. With each swing, he unraveled the mysteries of the course, displaying an uncanny ability to navigate the challenges with finesse.

Beyond the fairways, Schwartzel remains an enigma. His quiet demeanor conceals a fierce determination, and his steely focus during critical moments keeps spectators guessing. Though his exploits on the course are a spectacle to behold, there’s more to this golfer than meets the eye. Off the greens, he has ventured into the intriguing realm of the LIV Golf Invitational Series, piquing the interest of fans and critics alike.

As the story of Charl Schwartzel unfolds, we are left with more questions than answers. With each passing tournament, the mystery deepens, and we can’t help but eagerly await the next twist in this extraordinary golfer’s enigmatic tale.

Charl Schwartzel Age

Hailing from the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa, the illustrious golfer Charl Schwartzel continues to shine brightly in 2023! Born on the auspicious day of August 31, 1984, Schwartzel has reached the age of 38, like fine wine, only getting better with time. With a career adorned with accolades and triumphs, he remains a beacon of optimism and inspiration to golf enthusiasts worldwide.

As he embraces this new chapter in his life, Schwartzel’s passion for the sport remains unwavering, and his dedication to excellence continues to fuel his success. With each swing of the club, he embodies the spirit of determination and perseverance, setting an example for aspiring golfers and sports enthusiasts alike.

In 2023, the golfing world can’t help but celebrate this remarkable talent, appreciating the joy and excitement he brings to the game. As Charl Schwartzel continues to grace the fairways, we eagerly look forward to witnessing the optimism and brilliance that lie ahead in his illustrious career!


Charl Schwartzel Height and Weight

Charl Schwartzel, the renowned South African professional golfer, possesses a well-proportioned and athletic physique. Standing tall at 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm), he commands a commanding presence on the golf course. This height provides him with an optimal balance and stability during his swings, contributing to the precision and power he imparts to the ball. In addition to his height, Schwartzel maintains a healthy weight of 72 kg (159 lbs). This weight is well-suited for his height, ensuring he remains agile and nimble while moving around the course and executing his shots with finesse.

Maintaining an appropriate weight is crucial in golf, as it impacts an athlete’s endurance and overall performance. Schwartzel’s dedication to fitness and training has allowed him to strike the ideal balance between strength and flexibility, enabling him to tackle the challenges of the game with ease. With his impressive height and weight, Charl Schwartzel’s physical attributes complement his exceptional golfing skills, making him a formidable force in the world of professional golf.

Charl Schwartzel Nationality

Charl Schwartzel proudly bears the nationality of South Africa. Hailing from Johannesburg, a city renowned for its rich sporting heritage, Schwartzel’s nationality has played a significant role in shaping his golfing journey. As a South African, he has emerged as one of the country’s most celebrated sports icons, embodying the spirit of determination and resilience that characterizes the nation’s athletes.

Representing South Africa on the global stage, Schwartzel has garnered immense support and admiration from his fellow countrymen. His achievements have ignited a sense of national pride and unity, inspiring aspiring golfers across the country. Moreover, he has become an ambassador for South African golf, showcasing the talent and potential that the nation possesses in the sport.

In his pursuit of excellence, Charl Schwartzel has not only brought glory to himself but has also become a symbol of hope and inspiration for the people of South Africa. With unwavering dedication and the South African spirit in his heart, he continues to make his homeland proud on the world golfing stage.

Charl Schwartzel Career

Charl Schwartzel’s illustrious career in professional golf is a tapestry woven with determination, talent, and triumphs. From the early days of honing his skills in his homeland, South Africa, to ascending the ranks of the global golfing elite, his journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Having turned professional in 2002, Schwartzel wasted no time in making a name for himself on various tours worldwide. He displayed exceptional prowess on the Sunshine Tour and European Tour, laying the foundation for greater accomplishments to come.

The pinnacle of Schwartzel’s career came in 2011 when he claimed the coveted Green Jacket at the Masters Tournament, becoming only the third South African to win this prestigious major title. With unwavering composure and skillful play, he etched his name in golfing history and captured the hearts of fans around the world.

Throughout his career, Schwartzel has showcased a smooth and elegant playing style, complemented by a strong short game and strategic acumen. His consistency and dedication to the sport have led to numerous victories and top finishes in various tournaments. Beyond his on-course success, Schwartzel’s career has also been marked by his involvement in the LIV Golf Invitational Series, where he continues to showcase his talents and passion for the game.

As one of South Africa’s most celebrated golfers, Charl Schwartzel’s career is a testament to the pursuit of excellence and the impact of hard work and dedication in achieving sporting greatness. His journey remains an inspiration to aspiring golfers and a source of pride for his fellow countrymen.


Charl Schwartzel Achievement and Awards

Charl Schwartzel’s Award Winnings:

  1. Sunshine Tour Order of Merit Winner:
    • 2004–2005 season
    • 2005–2006 season
    • 2006–2007 season
    • 2010 season

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