Who is Brandi Marion? Meet Playboi Carti’s Alleged Girlfriend

Playboi Carti, whose real name is Jordan Terrell Carter, is an American rapper known for his unique style and contributions to the rap genre.

He began rapping at an early age and gained a cult following before achieving mainstream success in 2017.

He was initially signed to the local underground label Awful Records before signing with ASAP Mob’s AWGE Label under Interscope Records.

Playboi Carti’s music is often described as “mumble rap,” a subgenre characterized by its emphasis on melody and repetitive lyrics.

His high-pitched voice and unique flow have contributed to his popularity.

Playboi Carti has collaborated with notable artists such as ASAP Rocky and Frank Ocean, which has helped increase his star power in the rap industry.

He has also cited classic movies from the 90s and early 2000s, such as “Donnie Darko” and “Gummo,” as sources of inspiration for his music.

Playboi Carti is known for his energetic performances and stage diving, although he once gave stage diving a rating of zero.

While Playboi Carti’s music and style may not appeal to everyone, his unique approach to rap and collaborations with other artists have contributed to his popularity in the industry.

Playboi Carti’s alleged girlfriend Brandi Marion

Brandi Marion is a model who has been linked to rapper Playboi Carti.

The model was allegedly involved with Playboi Carti while he was in a relationship with Iggy Azalea having reportedly met in May 2020.

Marion was born on May 18, 1999, making her 21 years old as of August 2023. She is younger than both Playboi Carti and Iggy Azalea.

She is a Taurus, which suggests that she may enjoy going out, be loyal and have a stubborn nature.

On the other hand, there has been public drama surrounding the love triangle between Playboi Carti, Iggy Azalea and Marion.

A video which was circulated online showed Iggy Azalea yelling at Marion as she was being kicked out of their house.

This incident sparked discussions among fans on social media.

It’s important to note that the information available about Marion is based on media reports and social media posts.

Iggy Azalea, Playboi Carti and Brandi Marion drama

Iggy Azalea, Playboi Carti and Marion drama began when Iggy Azalea exposed Playboi Carti’s alleged infidelity with the model.

In December 2020, Iggy Azalea revealed that she had given birth to a baby boy, which she had kept secret for months.

She also accused Playboi Carti of cheating on her with Brandi Marion, a model, and called her a “homewrecker”.

Iggy Azalea claimed that she had been pregnant with Playboi Carti’s child at the time of the alleged cheating.

Marion admitted that she was in a relationship with Playboi Carti but denied that it was during Iggy Azalea’s pregnancy.

Iggy Azalea went on a social media rant, directing her response to @prettyeyeddimplez, a reported relative of Marion, and accused her of defending a homewrecker.

Marion broke her silence and issued a statement denying that she was a homewrecker.

Playboi Carti kids

Playboi Carti has two children, one of whom is with his ex-girlfriend, Iggy Azalea.

He was initially signed to local underground label Awful Records before signing with ASAP Mob’s AWGE Label under Interscope Records.

He gained a cult following early in his career and garnered mainstream attention in 2017.

In June 2017, Playboi Carti was named as one of the ten of XXL’s “2017 Freshman Class”.

Playboi Carti has a son named Onyx with Iggy Azalea whom she debuted on Instagram in October 2020 after secretly giving birth.

The two co-parent Onyx, and he has always had both parents in his life from day one.

In December 2020, Iggy Azalea wrote on Instagram that she initially wanted to “work on” her relationship with Playboi Carti despite her claims that he was unfaithful.