Who is Mahek Bukhari? TikToker, Mother Found Guilty of Double Murder

TikTok influencer Mahek Bukhari and her mother, Ansreen Bukhari, have been found guilty of double murder after a high-speed car chase.

Bukhari sobbed in the dock as the verdict was delivered.

The victims, Saqib Hussain and Hashim Ijazuddin, died when their car was rammed off the road.

According to Birmingham Mail, the motive for the murders of the above mentioned men was reportedly a sex tape threat.

Hussain was reportedly threatening to send sex tapes to Ansreen’s husband if she did not pay back the £3,000 he had spent on dates with her.

The mother and daughter set a trap a by arranging an ambush meeting in a supermarket car park in Leicester, where the women arrived in an Audi with other people they knew in a Saab.

Hussain and Ijazuddin did not get out of their Skoda and when they left were followed by the other cars.

By the time the two men, from Banbury, Oxfordshire, reached the A46 duel carriageway, the Audi had reached speeds of almost 100mph.

“They’re trying to ram us off the road,” Hussain is heard saying in a panicked 999 call played to jurors during the Bukharis’ trial. “Please, I’m begging you, I’m going to die.”

There is a scream before the call cuts out at the sound of a loud bang.

According to Sky News, the vehicle split into two and caught fire after hitting a tree at the Six Hills junction near Leicester just after midnight on February 11.

When the police came to her house, Bukhari lied about where she had been on the night of the crash that claimed the lives of the two men.

However, following her arrest, she changed her story, admitting she was on the road that night,

The case gained attention due to Bukhari’s status as a TikTok influencer; she had a following on the platform before her involvement in the double murder case.

The trial took place at Leicester Crown Court.

The jury found both Mahek Bukhari and Ansreen Bukhari guilty of the murders, meaning they will face sentencing for their crimes.

Who is Mahek Bukhari?

Bukhari can be best described as a former TikTok influencer who was convicted of double murder in the UK.

She was a 24-year-old TikTok influencer who had 120,000 followers.

Additionally, the former social media star was born and raised in the UK and lived in the Midlands.

In 2023, Bukhari was found guilty of murdering two men, Saqib Hussain and Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin, in a high-speed car chase.

The murders were reportedly motivated by a sex tape threat against her mother’s lover, Saqib Hussain.

Bukhari and her mother were both convicted of the murders.

Before her conviction, Bukhari was a popular TikTok influencer who created hundreds of viral videos from her bedroom.

Bukhari’s case received widespread media coverage in the UK, with many news outlets reporting on her conviction and sentencing.

Some articles have focused on her rise to fame as a TikTok influencer before her downfall.

Mahek Bukhari’s dad reaction

The TikToker’s dad, Ali Raza, told the police that he did not know about the affair his wife was having with one of the crash victims.

However, he mentioned that he remembered someone with the name Saqib contacting him on social media.

“Someone put a comment that said something about my wife having an affair. I never told my wife about it I assumed it was just nonsense. I think ‘Saqib’ was the name or part of the name of the account,” Ali said.

He added that he noticed the ‘Saqib’ user had no followers, which made him conclude it was a “fake account”.