Who Is Mikala Jones Wife Emma Brereton? Kids Bella Jones And Violet Jones Update

Who Is Mikala Jones Wife Emma Brereton? Kids Bella Jones And Violet Jones Update

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Following the tragic death of Mikala Jones, there has been considerable public interest in learning more about Mikala Jones’ wife and family.

Prominent Hawaiian surfing pro Mikala Jones has died tragically at the age of 44 while surfing in Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands.

The surfing community mourned the loss of Jones, who was known for his captivating videos that offered a unique perspective of riding a tube from the inside, breaking waves.

Details surrounding his untimely death remain unclear.

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Who Is Mikala Jones Emma Brereton’s Wife?

Emma Brereton is the wife of the late iconic surfer Mikala Jones. Although little is known about their personal lives, it is clear that Emma has preferred to keep a low profile and lead a life away from the limelight.

Mikala Jones and Emma Brereton became parents to two children during their marriage, although specific details about their relationship and family life are not readily available.

Wife of Mikala Jones
Mikala Jones pictured with wife Emma and children. (Image source: Distractify)

Emma’s digital presence is limited, with her Facebook account being the main online platform associated with her.

Her Facebook activity ceases in 2021, which gives little insight into her current activities.

Given Emma Brereton’s desire for privacy, further details about her personal life, including her relationship with Mikala Jones and her current activities, remain undisclosed.

Mikala Jones Children Isabella Jones and Violet Jones

Mikala Jones and his wife Emma Brereton had two daughters, Isabella Jones and Violet Jones-Jones. The family splits their time between homes in Bali, Indonesia and Hawaii.

Isabella Jones, one of Mikala’s daughters, has been active on social media and shared a heartfelt tribute of his father after his death.

Along with a photo of a young Isabella with her father, she expressed her distrust and deep love for him. She longed for one last hug and emphasized that his departure was untimely.

Isabella expressed her wish that this tragedy had not happened and that they could continue their shared passion for surfing together.

Her tribute reflects the deep bond between father and daughter and Mikala’s enormous influence on her life.

As Isabella looks back on their adventures and times together, she thanks her father for his guidance, life lessons and steadfast presence.

She credits the joy he brought to their family and how he shaped her into who she is today.

Isabella shares memories of tandem surfing, fearless wave riding and the sense of safety and happiness instilled by her father.

She expresses her commitment to continue Mikala’s legacy and promises to continue to make him proud, care for their family and cherish their love for the ocean.

Isabella’s tribute demonstrates her immense love and gratitude for her father, while also emphasizing her grief and longing after his death.

Her words testify to the impact of Mikala Jones as a legendary surfer and devoted and beloved father.

Wife of Mikala Jones
Isabella expressed affection for her father, acknowledging him as a loving father. (Image source: Instagram)

Isabella expressed her deep love for him, acknowledging him as a fantastic father.

She expressed the deep sense of loss felt by the family, stressing that they will all miss him dearly and continue to love him forever.

Isabella made heartfelt promises, assuring her father that they would take him to the right places and honor his memory.

Isabella ended her tribute with the phrase “MJ ALL DAY,” symbolizing her eternal bond with her father and his lasting legacy.

She also expressed gratitude for the outpouring of love and support during this difficult time.

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