Who is Stephen Amell Wife? Know Everything About Stephen Amell

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Who is Stephen Amell’s Wife?

So who is Stephen Amell’s Wife? According to our research, Stephen Amell’s wife is Cassandra Jean. Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor and professional wrestler. He was born in Toronto, Canada on 8 May 1981 .


Stephen Adam Amell


Canadian actor and professional wrestler

Date of Birth

8 May 1981 


42 years old

Birth Place

Toronto, Canada


185 cm (6 feet 1 inch)


82 Kg (182 lbs)



Wife Name

Cassandra Jean

Who is Stephen Amell?

Stephen Amell, born on May 8, 1981, is a Canadian actor and professional wrestler renowned for his versatile talents and charismatic performances. With a chiseled physique and a commanding presence, Amell has captivated audiences both on the small screen and in the world of wrestling.

As an actor, Amell rose to fame for his portrayal of Oliver Queen in the hit TV series “Arrow,” which premiered in 2012. His convincing portrayal of the billionaire playboy turned vigilante superhero, Green Arrow, garnered widespread acclaim and established him as a prominent figure in the superhero genre. Amell’s portrayal showcased a perfect blend of vulnerability and strength, earning him a loyal fanbase and critical recognition.

Beyond “Arrow,” Stephen Amell has demonstrated his acting prowess in various other projects. He appeared in movies such as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” and “Code 8,” further showcasing his range as an actor. His dedication to his craft and willingness to take on diverse roles have solidified his position as one of Canada’s most respected actors.

Apart from his acting career, Amell ventured into the world of professional wrestling. He participated in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and independently, demonstrating his passion for the sport. His crossover from acting to wrestling received praise from fans and industry professionals alike, highlighting his commitment to excelling in every endeavor he pursues.

In addition to his artistic achievements, Stephen Amell is known for his philanthropic efforts. He has actively supported various charitable causes, including raising funds for cancer research and LGBTQ+ organizations, utilizing his fame and influence to make a positive impact on society.

Stephen Amell’s journey from a Canadian actor to a multi-talented performer and philanthropist serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists worldwide. With his magnetic presence onscreen and in the wrestling ring, he continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry, earning him a place among the most celebrated and respected figures in modern entertainment.



Stephen Amell Biography

Stephen Adam Amell, the enigmatic Canadian, is a fascinating figure in the world of entertainment. Born on May 8, 1981, he embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to conquer both the small screen and the wrestling ring. With a breakthrough role as Oliver Queen in The CW’s captivating series “Arrow,” Amell shot to stardom. As the masked vigilante Green Arrow, he exhibited a captivating blend of courage and vulnerability, earning him a legion of devoted fans. But his adventures didn’t end there; he fearlessly delved into the Arrowverse franchise, making appearances in various media, including video games, much to the delight of fans and gamers alike.

Beyond his acting prowess, Amell’s passion for wrestling added another layer of intrigue to his already multifaceted persona. Stepping into the WWE ring and competing independently, he showcased his grit and determination, proving that he was no stranger to defying expectations.

Amell’s off-screen persona is equally intriguing. His genuine commitment to philanthropy has earned him admiration from far and wide. From raising funds for cancer research to supporting LGBTQ+ causes, he uses his platform to make a positive impact on the world.

Inquisitive minds can’t help but wonder what’s next for this talented Canadian. With his insatiable appetite for exploring new avenues, there’s no telling what thrilling escapades await him in the future. Stephen Amell remains an enigma in the best possible way, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next chapter of his extraordinary journey.

Stephen Amell Age

In 2023, the charismatic Stephen Amell exudes youthful energy and optimism at the age of 42. Born on May 8, 1981, in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, he continues to shine brightly in the world of entertainment. Having made his mark as an accomplished Canadian actor and professional wrestler, Amell’s career journey has been nothing short of inspiring. His iconic portrayal of Oliver Queen in “Arrow” and subsequent appearances in the Arrowverse franchise have garnered him a dedicated fanbase that transcends generations.

With each passing year, Amell’s passion for his craft and commitment to philanthropy only grow stronger. Embracing his role as a positive influencer, he uses his platform to support various charitable causes and make a difference in the lives of others. As the years go by, Stephen Amell remains an enduring symbol of enthusiasm and optimism, proving that age is but a number when it comes to chasing dreams and leaving a positive impact on the world.

Stephen Amell Height and Weight

Stephen Amell, the Canadian actor and professional wrestler, boasts an impressive physical presence. Standing tall at 185 cm (approximately 6 feet 1 inch), he commands attention with his towering stature. This height not only contributes to his on-screen charisma but also adds to his versatility as an actor, allowing him to portray both imposing and relatable characters with ease.

Coupled with his height, Amell maintains a well-proportioned physique, weighing in at 82 kg (approximately 182 lbs). His commitment to fitness and athleticism is evident in his chiseled appearance, which has garnered admiration from fans and peers alike.

Amell’s physical attributes are not only vital for his roles as a superhero and wrestler but also serve as a testament to his dedication to his craft. With his towering height and well-maintained weight, he continues to make a lasting impact on the entertainment industry, both in front of the camera and inside the wrestling ring.

Stephen Amell Nationality

Stephen Amell, the renowned actor and professional wrestler, hails from the diverse and culturally rich nation of Canada. As a proud Canadian, he represents a country known for its picturesque landscapes, friendly people, and contributions to the global entertainment industry.

Born in Toronto, Canada, on May 8, 1981, Amell’s Canadian roots have played a significant role in shaping his identity and career. Canada’s multicultural ethos and emphasis on artistic expression have undoubtedly influenced his versatile acting talents and genuine dedication to philanthropic endeavors.

Throughout his illustrious career, Stephen Amell has remained connected to his Canadian heritage, even as his fame transcends international borders. His appreciation for his home country is evident in his involvement with various Canadian charities and his active support for local initiatives.

As a Canadian, Stephen Amell embodies the values of resilience, creativity, and humility, characteristics that have contributed to his success and popularity. Embracing his nationality with pride, he continues to inspire his fellow Canadians and fans around the world through his exceptional performances and contributions to the entertainment industry and beyond.

Stephen Amell Career

Stephen Amell’s career is a captivating journey marked by versatility and dedication, spanning the realms of acting and professional wrestling. Born on May 8, 1981, in Toronto, Canada, Amell’s passion for the performing arts began at an early age and led him to make an indelible mark on the entertainment world.

His breakthrough role came in 2012 when he portrayed the iconic Oliver Queen in the hit TV series “Arrow.” His compelling performance as the vigilante superhero Green Arrow captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, propelling him to international stardom. Amell’s portrayal not only demonstrated his acting prowess but also solidified his position as a leading figure in the superhero genre.

Beyond “Arrow,” Stephen Amell showcased his acting range in various films and TV shows, exploring diverse characters with equal conviction and charisma. His dedication to his craft and his willingness to take on challenging roles have earned him critical acclaim and accolades throughout his career.

In addition to his acting achievements, Amell ventured into the world of professional wrestling, further expanding his horizons as a multi-talented performer. His appearances in WWE and independent wrestling events demonstrated his fearlessness and passion for the sport.

Throughout his career, Stephen Amell has also been an advocate for philanthropy, actively supporting charitable causes and making a positive impact on society. From raising funds for cancer research to championing LGBTQ+ rights, he utilizes his fame and influence to give back to the community.

Stephen Amell’s career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to his craft, his Canadian roots, and his desire to make a difference in the world. As he continues to embark on new projects and challenges, his legacy as a talented actor and philanthropic force remains an inspiration to aspiring artists and admirers alike.


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