Zoey 101 Cast Where are They Now, Zoey 101 Cast Then and Now?

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Zoey 101

‘Zoey 101’ is an American comedy-drama television series created by Dan Schneider for Nickelodeon. It originally aired from January 9, 2005, to May 2, 2008. The show revolves around Zoey Brooks, portrayed by Jamie Lynn Spears, her younger brother Dustin, played by Paul Butcher, and their friends as they attend Pacific Coast Academy, a fictional boarding school in Southern California.

During its production, ‘Zoey 101’ was filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, before moving to stages in Valencia starting from the third season. Notably, it became the most expensive production ever for a Nickelodeon show, as it was shot entirely on location in Malibu.

The series received recognition and accolades, including three Young Artist Awards, two Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, and a Neox Fan Award. Additionally, it was nominated for an “Outstanding Children’s Program” Emmy in 2005. The popularity of ‘Zoey 101’ extended beyond the television screen, leading to the release of a soundtrack and several video games based on the series.

In January 2023, it was announced that a film based on ‘Zoey 101’ would be released on Paramount+. Fans eagerly awaited the film, which promised to reunite the beloved characters from the show and continue their adventures on the streaming platform.

Zoey 101 Cast Where are They Now?

Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey Brooks

After her role as Zoey, Jamie Lynn Spears took a break from acting and gave birth to her daughter, Maddie Briann, later that same year. She released an EP titled “The Journey” in 2014 and returned to acting in 2020 with a role in Netflix’s “Sweet Magnolias.” In 2022, she released an autobiography titled “Things I Should Have Said.” Jamie Lynn Spears will reprise her role as Zoey in the upcoming sequel, ‘Zoey 102.’


Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky

Erin Sanders went on to star as Camille in Nickelodeon’s ‘Big Time Rush’ and appeared in CBS’s ‘The Young and the Restless.’ She also performed in the 2020 horror film ‘The Call.’ In addition to acting, Sanders works as a yoga and meditation instructor. She will return as Quinn in ‘Zoey 102.’


Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews

Sean Flynn continued his acting career after ‘Zoey 101,’ starring in various TV shows and movies. He has also ventured into producing and got married to Lyndsey Monconduit in March 2022. Sean Flynn will reprise his role as Chase Matthews in ‘Zoey 102.’


Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese

Matthew Underwood took a break from acting for nearly a decade after ‘Zoey 101,’ but he returned in 2017 for some TV movies. He will also return for ‘Zoey 102.’


Victoria Justice as Lola Martinez

Victoria Justice’s role as Lola in ‘Zoey 101’ paved the way for her own Nickelodeon show, ‘Victorious,’ from 2010 to 2013. She also pursued a music career and acted in several movies, including the 2022 Netflix film ‘A Perfect Pairing.’ Justice has been linked with TikToker Evan Berger.


Christopher Massey as Michael Barrett

After ‘Zoey 101,’ Christopher Massey focused on family life and had children with different partners. He returned to acting in a few episodes of various TV shows. Massey will return as Michael Barrett in ‘Zoey 102.’


Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

Paul Butcher pursued acting for a while and had some appearances in TV shows. He later transitioned into a music career. Paul Butcher will not be reprising his role as Dustin in ‘Zoey 102.’


Alexa Nikolas as Nicole Bristow

Alexa Nikolas left ‘Zoey 101’ in 2006 and went on to appear in other TV shows and movies. She was vocal about negative experiences at Nickelodeon and founded the organization “Eat Predators” to protect children from dangerous work environments.



Zoey 101 Cast Then And Now

Check out how the Cast of ‘Zoey 101’ is now 15 years later

Jamie Lynn Spears

  • Jamie Lynn Spears reprised her role as Zoey for the upcoming film sequel, “Zoey 102,” set to release on Paramount+.
  • She currently stars on the Netflix show “Sweet Magnolias” and released country music, collaborating with her sister Britney Spears on a track called “Chillin’ With You.”
  • Jamie Lynn Spears is married to Jamie Watson, and they have a daughter named Ivey Joan.

Paul Butcher

  • Paul Butcher is now a musician and has been releasing music since 2010.
  • He will not be reprising his role in the “Zoey 101” sequel.

Sean Flynn

  • Sean Flynn works as a producer at an entertainment company called Donatello Arm.
  • He got married to Lyndsey Monconduit in 2022 and will return for the “Zoey 101” sequel.

Matthew Underwood 

  • Matthew Underwood is now a filmmaker and has directed and starred in several shorts and TV movies.
  • He was involved in some legal issues in the past but will reprise his role for the “Zoey 101” sequel.

Christopher Massey 

  • Christopher Massey is now a musician and has released R&B tracks and albums.
  • He will appear in the “Zoey 101” sequel film.

Erin Sanders 

  • Erin Sanders starred on “Big Time Rush” after “Zoey 101” and appeared on various TV shows and movies.
  • She teaches yoga classes via livestream and will reprise her role for the “Zoey 101” sequel.

Alexa Nikolas 

  • Alexa Nikolas has stayed out of the spotlight but is an activist against sexual misconduct and abuse in Hollywood.
  • She is in a relationship with Michael Gray and has a daughter named Nova.

Victoria Justice

  • Victoria Justice starred on her own show “Victorious” after “Zoey 101” and appeared in various movies and TV shows.
  • She is not expected to return for the “Zoey 101” sequel.

Zoey 101 Cast

Cast Member


Jamie Lynn Spears

Zoey Brooks

Erin Sanders

Quinn Pensky

Sean Flynn

Chase Matthews

Matthew Underwood

Logan Reese

Victoria Justice

Lola Martinez

Christopher Massey

Michael Barrett

Paul Butcher

Dustin Brooks

Alexa Nikolas

Nicole Bristow

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